Translation Compilation

This is page compiles all my recreations in one place in chronological order.


Surprised at Life’s Little Quirks

Showdown on Ruhnuk Review

Bits and Bobs

Make Your Mark


Seasons’ Greetings

Andor Review

Neon and Mudflaps

Andor and SWTOR

Viva Nar Shaddaa

No Justice

Walking on Black Sun Shine


February of the Sith

Welcome to the Hype Train

Small Cheer and Great Welcome

Does This Look Jedi to You?

Star Wars: Visions Review

Maps and Legends

Didn’t We Just Leave This Party?

Danger, Will Robinson

The Absence of Justice

That Which Does Not Kill Us

Aurebesh is Weird

Cherish the Past


Echoes of Vengeance Review

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Charles Boyd Q&A


The Company You Keep

I Am Glott

Give Me Steam

An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age

Nor Gloom of Night

Arise, Go Forth and Conquer as of Old

I’m Making This Up As I Go

Take Me Away to That Special Place

Standing Under the Bar Lights


Buy n Large

Cracking the Jedi Code

Recharge and Reload

Loose Vocabulators Sink Ships

Orange is the New Red

How It’s Made


And We’re in Bloom

Sometimes You Feel Like Nahut


Big Cat or Tiny Plumber?


Star Wars: Resistance First Impressions

Jedi Under Siege Livestream

Justice Has a Mustache

One Truth


In the Pink

Revenge, Money or Something Else

They Call Me The Seeker

Jax’s Back

No Disintegrations

A Mote of Dust Suspended in a Sunbeam


Got Blue Milk?

These Astro-Droids Are Getting Quite Out of Hand

I’m a Space Cowboy, on a Steel Bantha I Ride

Back in Black

Watch (Your) Step

Your Number is 2187, Isn’t it?

Shut Up and Stellar Drive

When You Come to a Futhork in the Road, Take It

Turning Day Into Night Time


Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul On Fire

Czerka: Titans of Industry, part 2

Czerka: Titans of Industry, part 1


Fly the Unfriendly Skies

Futhork meets Aurebesh

Shop Together. Happy Together.

Just Breathe

No TV Party Tonight

Falling Down a Bottomless Pit is Never Fatal

Put Another Credit in the Jukebox, Baby

The Sith Empire Asks That You Stay Alert

Give In To The Dark Side Of The Force, You Knob

A New Life Awaits You In The Off-World Colonies!


Are You Experienced

Corus Can’t

I’d Buy That For a Credit

Between Jedi and Sith lies obsession

Zakuulan Language Primer


Cat’s-eye View

This is Not the Aurebesh You’re Looking For



Justicar Propaganda: Law and Disorder



Welcome to Fabulous Kaas City



Gonk If You Love Power Droids


Welcome to This Week in Aurebesh