Gonk If You Love Power Droids


I’m sure I flew by this poster a hundred times before I ever noticed it on the Republic Fleet. Unlike many other signs and posters, it doesn’t seem to have been used much around the galaxy despite the fact it features one of the movies’ most infamous background characters: the loveable Gonk Droid.

The prominent Y features in a lot of signage around the game and I assume it is the logo or shorthand for a large manufacturing firm, which I’ve decided to call “Yirt Pan-Galactic Industries,” after the name for the Aurebesh Y.

This sign, like many others, uses the Æ glyph, enth, as an ampersand. Since there is no official Aurebesh ampersand, and enth looks a bit like one, it seems like a reasonable substitution.


Within the game world, there are no true Power Droid NPCs like the one in the poster, but four small Power Droid pets were included in some Cartel Market packs. Gonk droids also exist in the game, but, as anyone who has played an Agent knows, they look rather different than their film counterparts, even having arms and long legs. I suspect as the droid’s design was refined over the centuries, articulated limbs were deemed inefficient and unnecessary.


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