Cherish the Past

This week let’s take a look at the second of three Mandalorian posters found in the new flashpoint Spirit of Vengeance. Beware! My comments on this poster, found on the Ash’ad ship, the Seeker’s Vigil, could be considered spoilers for the flashpoint’s story, so definitely check that out first.  Although the Mando’a spoken language has been frequently used in SWTOR, the Mandalorian font makes its SWTOR debut, I believe, in Spirit of Vengeance.

The poster is available as a Stronghold decoration that can drop from bosses in the flashpoint, although it seems to have been mislabeled as propaganda from the Dar’manda ship, Fortune’s Glory.

At first glance, the most prominent image on the poster seems to be the familiar Mandalorian skull symbol, but I don’t believe this is meant to depict the Mythosaur at all. The poster’s color scheme and design most closely recalls the flashpoint’s final boss, Heta Kol whose helmet shares a similar arrangement of horns and prominent dorsal fin. Whether it is meant to be an image of a specific creature, I cannot say. I’d actually suggest that the icon better evokes the shape of a dagger or sword or saber hilt.

If that is the case, then the visual design appears to be at odds with the written message of the poster which implies that whoever created it clearly does not believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

The mystery of Heta Kol has become a hot topic of conversation since the release of the flashpoint, and the text might be a reference to Canderous Ordo, otherwise known as Mandalore the Preserver. Should we take this as a clue that she has ties to the brothers Jekiah and Ras Ordo, whose sister is presumed to be dead? Maybe!

Overall I like how the poster immediately evokes in its color and design classic Mandalorian imagery, but gives it an unexpected twist or two.

Sell the Sizzle

While it’s not unusual for news from SWTOR to dry up this time of year, Bioware has put the next game update on the PTS unexpectedly early. But the most dramatic news this week came from which announced that future Star Wars games would now share the official identity of “Lucasfilm Games.” To mark the announcement, they showed off a “sizzle real” of clips from numerous Star Wars games including, The Old Republic! The news has already triggered announcements of more Lucasfilm property games from publishers other than EA. SWTOR has very often been relegated to the roll of the forgotten middle child struggling for attention whenever newer, hotter games come out. Nevertheless, SWTOR has remained a stalwart over the years, and it’s always nice to see it get some love from Mom and Dad at the official website as the game celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Fingers crossed that there is more excitement to come!



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4 Responses to Cherish the Past

  1. Ooh, interesting! I hadn’t really connected Heta to Rass and Jekiah’s missing sister, but now that you mention it, it seems very much possible. I did get the impression that she has it in for Shae personally for some reaon, I’m curious about the story there. The “preserving the history” motto also seems to tie in with Heta’s raid on the Spirit of Vengeance II, where they stole historic artifacts – thus “preserving” them and keeping them away from Shae who, in their opinon, hasn’t proved worthy of them.

    I’ve said it before, but I find it very refreshing to get this new story arc which isn’t just the umpteenth reappearance of some presumably dead adversary, or rehash of the same old conflicts. Looking forward to seeing where it will go!

    • TWIA-Mark

      I think we’ll have to deal with Malgus first. However Mandalorians have always been on the fringes of SWTOR’s story, aside from a couple of flashpoints and parts of the Bounty Hunter story, so I think it’s a reasonable avenue to explore for future content that is both in the public eye right now and still a fresh setting for the players. Time will tell!

  2. Asuna

    Glad to see more mando content, I hope we get a lot more mando’a in the coming stories.

    • TWIA-Mark

      It seems quite likely! I don’t know whether this story will play out in another flashpoint or two, but even this one flashpoint has laid the groundwork for a possibilities for future Mando fun!