Revenge, Money or Something Else

Even though it’s been with some nervousness, I have been looking forward to the release Solo: A Star Wars Story. So I thought I’d mark the opening day of the movie with a different kind of Aurebesh recreation.

Rather than translate something from Aurebesh into English, let’s try it the other way around!

It’s obvious to me that the controversial Solo teaser posters were directly inspired by/ripped off from a series album covers designed by Hachim Bahous for Sony Music. On the one hand, it’s a terrific design, but it’s laughable that whoever was responsible for the plagiarism thought that no one would notice. I hope Bahous and his team received significant apologies and compensation from Lucasfilm.

For my version, I made sure to include elements from Bahous’ design to pay tribute to his work, but with a SWTOR spin. To be honest, I originally hoped to feature Malgus or Satele, but their names were just too long. Good ol’ Darth Marr, however, was a much better fit.

Here’s to what will hopefully be a fun time at the movies this weekend!



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2 Responses to Revenge, Money or Something Else

  1. Silverknight

    That’s quality work there, friend. And because this is the internet, I want to be clear that I mean that sincerely, not mockingly. I’m always impressed by your renderings of in-game aurabesh into all-original images, the attention to detail you put into the color and style. Like you, I hope the original artist there gets his payday 🙂

    • TWIA-Mark

      I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your very kind words! This project of mine sometimes feels a bit silly, but knowing that there are other folks who get a kick out of it really makes my day. Thank you!