Welcome to Fabulous Kaas City

A commenter on reddit suggested I seek out a pair of signs that pop up in a few places around Dromund Kaas. Sure enough, these two really neat looking displays do indeed call out for translation.


The first is a diagram of Kaas City and its surroundings. I like how it casually mentions how Dromund Kaas is the home of the Sith Empire in the same way a map of Boston might mention it’s the home of the Red Sox.

The spaceport bullet point misspells Kaas as Kass, but I am certainly in no position to judge. I have no doubt residents have heard every variation of jokes about living in the “Kaas end of space” or being “Kaasholes”, so that mistakes like this have surely become common place.

The text section seems also to swap the glyphs for commas and periods as well, but Sith schools have become infamous these days for preferring to teach effective lightning use and introspective poetry over proper punctuation.

The sign describes the many of the creatures that inhabit the jungles outside the city with particular warnings about the large-eared predators that pose a threat to people and technology alike.

The taxi routes displayed on this sign are accurate to the game at launch when there was no direct taxi access to the Dark Temple Approach from central Kaas City.

Next up, is this map kiosk, which trades helpful information for intimidation and a stern reminder of where you are.


This display is zoomed in on Kaas City’s central district and helpfully has plenty of information about where you shouldn’t go and with whom you shouldn’t go.

Just another perk of living in the Sith Empire.

In translating I removed the hyphenation that was used to evenly squeeze in more words but awkwardly broke them up. I also took a guess at the numbers in the Hubs listing. Should I come across other uses of this system, I’ll adjust this if I find more information.


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