Looking For Love in Alderaan Places

This week let’s do something a little bit different. Last Thursday Swtorista, with the help of her audience, devoted her stream to a discussion of and tier list ranking of the major romances of Star Wars: The Old Republic. These romances can evoke very strong and divisive opinions, and for many people are an important, if not the most important, relationship our characters have in the game.

If you’ve spent any time in the SWTOR community you can probably guess which companion romances rated the highest: the sassy yet approachable girls-next-door that populate most of the original class stories, and Lana and Theron.

I’m not here to criticize anyone’s story choices or dismiss any of these characters as manic pixie dreamgirls. Because I get it. I fell for Kira immediately; Vette is hilarious, and Mako is absolutely not just a pretty sidekick, buster. As far as Lana and Theron go, It’s a credit to SWTOR’s writers that they were able to introduce two strong romantic interests after the class stories that stuck with many players. Certainly at this point, our characters have spent much more time with them than our original companions

I do, however, want to examine two of the romances that crash-landed at the bottom into the F tier and explore why they are so hated, but also give them the love that many players seemingly refuse to: Doc and Corso.

SWTOR’s most successful romances are with the companions we as players get to spend the most time with before even starting the romance. Felix Iresso is a good example of a love interest introduced too late in the story to really stick the landing. He shows up two-thirds of the way through the Consular class story, and with so little time left, he starts macking on the Consular for flirts almost immediately after joining the crew. In my own play through, I quickly friend-zoned him, but it’s a shame because, once I got to know Felix, I discovered he’s a real mensch, and maybe if they’d met earlier, my Consular might’ve given him a chance.

But Corso and even Doc are introduced early on, but their romance arcs are rarely rated highly. I think there are several reasons for this. Some of them are based on their characters, some comes from gameplay issues and others are based on how players might react to the characters.

First off, Doc and Corso can be a bit much to take. Doc is basically the SWTOR equivalent of Schmidt from New Girl, and Corso was expressly envisioned as an annoying little brother. They are not cool, and it makes sense that everyone should want their character’s love interest to be cool. It’s also fair to say that their initial attempts to woo our characters don’t get off to a good start. Corso gets drunk and makes a god-awful pass at the Smuggler. As for Doc, he is definitely a guy whose guiding philosophy is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

For the majority of companion romances (and in particular to the most highly rated ones), it is the player who initiates the flirting. I’m not a psychologist, but there might be something to the notion that some players might react uncomfortably to their avatar being hit on by an aggressive non-player character, whether it is male like Doc or even female like Kaliyo. I don’t believe this reaction is wrong. I can see how one person might feel like having to watch their character receive unwanted attention might hit too close to home or another feel like their character should not be the passive one in the game’s most significant relationship.

One of my favorite SWTOR love stories is with Aric Jorgan. He does not jump into it after the first flirt, but as his relationship with the female Trooper matures, his reaction changes and he and the Trooper end up in a sweet love story together. That is not how things play out with Corso and Doc. Regardless of our characters’ initial response to their come-ons, Corso and Doc keep trying. Someone who does not take no for an answer is at best a pest and oftentimes much worse. I imagine the writers and developers wanted to give players plenty of opportunities to jump into the companion romances so that they wouldn’t miss out, but fending off repeated overtures from characters you’re not interested in can feel less like banter than harassment.

I do understand the negative reactions to Doc and Corso. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to want to shove them out the airlock, but I also want to defend them and suggest that it’s worth giving one or both of them a shot. In each case, I suggest that you need to commit to the romance early on, and then you might discover they are, in fact, diamonds in the rough. And if it doesn’t work out, always remember that Lana and Theron will be waiting for you in Shadows of Revan.

Justice for Doc

Doc definitely has, as the kids say these days, “Main Character Syndrome”, and that’s apparent from the moment he is introduced in the Jedi Knight’s story. I take that as a sign that he’s a bit of a buffoon and a comic relief character. This is further reinforced by the fact that Kira starts dunking on him the moment they meet, and even the Jedi Knight’s dialogue options very often allow them to get in on the action too.

If you are a member of Generation X like me, you may very well recognize one big inspiration for Doc: the actor Bruce Campbell who is best known for his roles in the Evil Dead movies and the TV shows Xena: Warrior Princess and Burn Notice. I am certain that it is no coincidence that Doc rocks the exact same ‘stache and soul patch as Campbell’s character Autoclytus on Xena. Bruce Campbell specializes in playing comedic characters who aren’t as clever, charming and skilled as they think they are, and that sounds almost exactly like Doc. Like Ash and Autoclytus and Sam Axe, the humor of interactions with Doc comes in realizing that he is all talk and no game and then calling him out for his douche-baggery. Players who don’t get the connection to Campbell may very well have a different impression of Doc, but I think the game indicates pretty clearly that he isn’t to be taken too seriously especially when you start meeting his former girlfriends exactly none of whom come out of the relationship at all impressed with him.

But Doc’s heart is in the right place. He is out in the front lines of the war helping people when he could have a cushy practice on a core world. He may complain about it, but when push comes to shove, time and time again he does do the right thing.

All that said, the thing I find most amusing about Doc is that if he were a player character in SWTOR, he’d be a Smuggler. And not just a Smuggler, he’d be a Smuggler whose player mashes the [Flirt] button EVERY SINGLE TIME it lights up, which seems to describe how many, many people play their Smugglers. So if you find Doc to be a sexist and annoying pig, take a moment to pity poor Risha who has to deal with the same thing across the multiverse of SWTOR’s Smuggler storylines. #JusticeforRisha.

The Kind of Guy You Can Trust

Corso’s your buddy. Corso’s your pal. Corso will hold your beer while you go do something stupid. Corso will help you move even if the elevator in your building is busted. Corso will pick you up at the airport no matter how late your flight gets in. Corso laughs at your jokes, even the ones he’s heard before. Corso’s a righteous dude.

And, yes, Corso Riggs is a nerd and a dope who has absolutely no idea how to talk to women. I can relate. It is possible that, in my life, I may have, on an occasion or two, been less than smooth in my interactions with the opposite sex. If I can figure it out (kinda), I gotta believe that there is hope for Corso too.

Like a lot of you, I didn’t think much of Corso at first, but as his romance with the Smuggler played out, I discovered to my surprise that he grew on me. Part of the fun of it was calling out his old fashioned attitudes and then as things developed eventually seeing that he really is a big, dumb sweetheart. But still a nerd and a dope. Some things you just can’t change.

Tell Me What You Think and Win a Prize!

But I want to hear from you! Who is your favorite SWTOR character to smooch? Leave a comment below to enter a raffle I am hosting for a special in-game mount for your characters: your choice of an Opal Vulptilla or a brand new Mandalorian Heavy Jet Pack mount that debuted with patch 7.3!

To enter, leave a comment below with the following information:

  • Your character name (be mindful of spaces and special symbols!)
  • Your faction
  • Your server
  • Your favorite SWTOR romance
  • Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack or Opal Vulptilla

That’s it! For every 10 entries, I will draw one winner up to a maximum of 3 winners.

I will accept entries for two weeks from this posting and will randomly select winners on June 27, 2023 at 1 PM ET.

If you prefer not to comment publicly, I also accept entries via email at twia@generic-hero.com or through Twitter.

There are no country or server restrictions on any of the prizes that will be awarded.

This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with LucasFilm Ltd, BioWare or Electronic Arts Inc.

We’re on the honor system here, so one entry per person, please.

Please only enter for yourself!

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

If you’re a new visitor, I hope you’ll take a look around. I’ve been translating SWTOR’s alien languages for a few years now and sharing commentary about the state of the game as I see it.



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65 Responses to Looking For Love in Alderaan Places

  1. Bladebreaker

    Star Forge

    Favorite romance always goes to our best girl Lana Beniko! Most wholesome waifu with the best character development. I always pick her for all my toons.

    Hope to get the Opal Vulptilla mount so that me and Lana can go on adventures together with it <3

  2. Déus
    Star Forge
    Mako! She’s so full of heart and supportive. Emotionally there’s such a wonderful connection with her, on top of the ME1 vibes.
    Jetpack, it’s been my favorite style of mount from growing up with Rocketeer

  3. Anonymous

    Intisar’s Yogipants

    No companion is as awesome as my pants.
    I don’t need a mount, just mah pants!

  4. Shep

    Star Forge
    Lana Beniko because she’s such a fascinating mix of pure Sith and more Jedi-like tendencies. Her VA is top-notch!
    Jet pack because there’s nothing better then zooming around in one

  5. Nezzir

    Star Forge
    Kaliyo. An agent of chaos! Absolute bonkers but man what a fun trip that would be!
    Which mount you hope to win: Opal Vulptilla

  6. Anaxamander

    Lana Beniko of course. The voice actor also stars in the short tv series red election, which I thought was pretty good.

  7. Corellon

    Jebzan, pubside jetpack afficianado hailing from the Star Forge server. At least that’s the alt I’m on the most that’s easy to spell.

    My ride or die companion is on my Sith Inquisitor…who is the only member of the Dark Council to be “taken out” by Technoplague and live to tell the tale. In other words I choose….

    Ţ̷̧̡̡̡̛̜̫̰͍͉͖̮̮̠̳͍̤̫̼̗͕͖̙̫͍̟̹̩̜̍̽̽̎̑͘͝ ̵̛̱̲̀̈̇̃̿̏̐͒̒̒̚H̵̨̫̘̩̥̘͎̜̹̠̟̲̟̠̣̭̬̭͍͔̖̭̥̰̟͐̿͜͝ͅ ̸͍͚͔̞̩̳͕͇̬̍̑̑̏͂̌̅̄̚͜Ě̴̡̝̖̭͙̟̱͓͕̱̰̮̠̬̳̙̦̖̪͖̪͎̀ ̸̧͇̱̟͈̣͕̫̖̠̗̞̲̦͍̝̜̦̰͍͚̇́́̆́̔̿̿̔̑̾̃̆̒̄̍̅̕͘͠͠͝͝R̴̛͖̦͚̟͖̺̹̼͓̝̲͍͖͔͆̂͆̐͗̐̓̅̿͛̒̂́͠ ̵̧̛̛̖̹̺̦͇̤̈́̀͋͐̀͑̒̽̇̂̐͋̿̉͋͂̃̈̈́̑̓͊̚̚̚͜Ö̷̞́̆̈́̈̀͘ ̸̢̧̛̠̗͎̦͍͔̣͍̪̓͌̇̈́̚Ń̶̢̡̦̙̼̥̜̦̩͆̇̋̿̆

  8. Cerberus

    1) LanceDefender.
    2) Sith Empire.
    3) Darth Malgus.
    4) Lana is the best romance option for me. Not only it is the most developed romance in game, her characters is awesome (even without romacing her). Really care for you. I don’t know, sometimes her character feels like the best romance in general as in game as well as in real life hehe
    5) The Jetpack mount. I don’t like animal mounts, I don’t want to “harm them” + I prefer technological stuff.

  9. JT

    Star Forge
    You know what they say, “You never forget your first love.”. So for me it would have to be Vette.
    Which mount you hope to win: Jet Pack

  10. Gonzo

    Gonzo Katarn
    Star forge
    Pub side
    For me it has to be Elara Dorne. Just something about breaking through her straight laced imperial rigid structure to finally get to her real side is so fulfilling to me.

  11. Anonymous

    Xenos Tao
    Star Forge
    Kaliyo. A fun cat and mouse dynamic, depending on the type of person you are.
    Jet Pack!

  12. Jess'Kidding

    Pub Side
    Star Forge
    I love Lana! She’s such a great companion and well developed!
    Jet Pack! (But I’d be happy with either!)

  13. Anonymous

    Davin Arcaina
    Pub Side
    Star Forge
    Kira, hands down

    Jet pack

  14. Zinger

    Imp Side
    Satelle Shan
    Lana – the only companion that comes back after 5 years to save you! (And she wasn’t even a companion yet).


  15. RogueTwo

    Alkotos, Republic, Star Forge


    Hoping for new jetpack

  16. JediTeh

    Jessa Nark
    Pub side
    Star Forge
    Vector by far is my favourite but Theron is a close second

  17. Katie Cat

    Katie Cat
    Republic side
    Satele Shan
    Vette the Sith warrior companion
    Jet pack

  18. Zahk

    Star Forge
    I think Zahk is by far my top choice. The way he steals your hard work and uses it to get ahead in a galactic-wide competition really throws an interesting wrench into the relationship arc that the others don’t have.
    Jetpacks are pretty neat huh?!

  19. Path'rik Wexley

    Path’rik Wexley
    Imp Side
    Star Forge
    My favorite would be Anri as she’s perfect match to my impside variant and her personality is really sweet, like she cares so much about her troopers and is taking care of flowers
    On almost the same level is Felix Iresso for my consular, he’s interresting a lot and was probably the best when I played that.
    Third spot I’d split between Elara and Vector. honestly I didn’t play all romances yet, so my set of data isn’t complete

  20. Nexheim

    Darth Malgus server
    Fav romance: Jaesa Wilsaam, I really like that she can be both dark and light side focused.
    Jetpack would be awesome 🙂

  21. Wilmer

    Satele Shan

    My first character on game was a Jedi Knight. I absolutely fall in love with Kira. I like the personality, and the way she is evolving in the game. And when I had the opportunity, started the romance. And she is the only one I never left for other female companion.

    Yes, it is a game. But romancing is a must to give some humanity ti our characters..


  22. Akira Thompsand

  23. Troomis

    Your character name: Troomis
    Your faction: Empire
    Your server: Star Forge
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: SCORPIO
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack or Opal Vulptilla: Jetpack please

  24. Civilian

    Satele Shan
    Jetpack, please!

  25. Sybe

    Star Forge
    For Sorcs Andronikos, all else Theron

  26. iris

    Star Forge
    My favorite romance is Iresso, short as it is… no matter how poorly suited the consular is for him, I can’t help but hit the [Flirt] button every time.
    I’d like the Jetpack

    I think you’re underselling the level of sexism in Doc and Corso’s writing. Doc’s story treats getting engaged to women in order to sleep with them as a funny antic, and Corso’s thinks as long as the f!smuggler gets to have a witty comeback, his constant sexism shouldn’t be taken seriously. Corso also suffers heavily from m!smuggler having two of the best romances in the game I think.

  27. sharffffff

    Darth Malgus
    Theron. He’s my idiot spy boyfriend and I can’t stop myself from romancing him every single time

  28. Anonymous

    Djinn Morri
    Darth Malgus

    I love Arcann. I had a crush on him since the Sacrifice trailer was first released (which was also how I found out about SWTOR) and I was overjoyed when I learned I could romance him, I love his growth and his Space!Zuko arc and his voice is just….. wow.

    Hoping to win the jetpack!

  29. Jared Dudley

    Thank you so much for the opportunity for the giveaway!!!

    Name: Randor
    Legacy Name: Mohl
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Satele Shan (RIP Harbinger!)
    Fav Romance: 110% Lana. She sweet talks like no other and it all feels genuine. I was married to Mako at one point, but due to the Zakuulan War and all the Valkorian insanity, I had to move on.
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack all day long for my neutral good bounty hunter, Randor Mohl!! (My clone lives in the sands of tatooine)

  30. Your character name: Russell’Thomas
    Your faction: Imp
    Your server: Star Forge
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: Nox and Ashara
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack

  31. Alex D. Geslin

    Your character name: Davik Ralcen
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Satele Shan
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: It’s a tossup between Risha and Lana. My Smuggler was the first class I ever played back in the beta, and at launch, so Risha’s romance holds a special place in my heart. And I’ve really loved how Lana’s romance has been written since Shadow of Revan, and I love how annoyed she gets when my Smuggler flirts with her at the worst times.
    Which mount you hope to win: That sexy Mando Jetpack!

  32. While I agree with your assessment of Corso, whom I always rather liked, I’m sorry to say that there’s no way you can redeem Doc in my eyes. I got to witness him treating women like garbage more than once and making fun of it, so I have no reason to believe that he’d view my character any differently. On the plus side, he made it *really* easy for my Jedi Knights to remain celibate 😀

    Another huge disappointment was Theron and his “betrayal” arc that failed to make sense on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start. He was romancing one of my Jedi, and I just cannot believe that she didn’t sense anything off until he outright tried to kill her. “But hey, it wasn’t for real, I always knew you’d survive!” As a result, only one of my characters still has him around, the rest either left him to die (dark side) or told him to get loast (light side).

    My favourite is Torian – calm, competent, reliable, and a true Mandalorian, he’s just the perfect match for my bounty hunters. I’ve also always been very fond of Scourge and was delighted when I found that I could finally romance him, only to be sorely disappointed by the writing that turned him from a really cool character into an angry clown. I hope he gets to make another appearance soon, and doesn’t get reduced to “comic relief” again.

  33. Anonymous

    Bubby Newport
    Star Forge
    Lana’s Romance is my fav.

  34. Sorceress was the first class I played. I felt that Andronikus Revell was truly in love with my character. Really, all the voice actors did a great job. On a funny side note, apparently during one of the late expansions, Khem Val was unlocked as a love interest for the sorc. I don’t think he was able to do that during the original game.

    My Imperial Agent and Ensign Temple got along famously.

    For the Republic classes I played as light side, so my Jedi characters all eschewed the love interests.

    Your character name: SexyLekku
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Starforge
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: Andronikus Revell
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack

  35. OrpheusAscending

    Your character name: Valen Sinclair
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Starforge
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: Kira. My Jedi Knight did not romance anyone else in kotfe and kotet, and when she returned in Onslaught, with the line “Someone who loves you”, when answering your “From who?” question to Tau, it reinforced why. Such a great reunion, and scene in general.
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack

  36. Christy

    Character name: Myst Draconis
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Satele Shan
    Favorite Romance: My favorite was obviously Theron Shan enough so that most of my characters had a romance with him lol. However, my bounty hunter had a great romance with fellow Mandalorian Torian Cadera who was reluctant at first but soon decided he was never leaving me again!
    Mount I hope to win: Opal Vulptila since I still don’t have one 🙂

  37. Mystriel

    Your character name: Myst Draconis
    Your faction: Imperial
    Your server: Satele Shan
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: I generally am all about Theron Shan, however my bounty hunter had an awesome relationship with Terion Cadera. While he was quite reluctant at first to engage in a romance, when he finally did he decided he would never leave me again! He was a great choice. I may have to explore other romance options after reading some of the comments!
    Which mount you hope to win: Opal Vulptilla as I still don’t have one, however I would be pleased to win either!

  38. Darklightsmoothwolf

    My Character Name: Wolfcash
    My Faction: Sith Empire
    My Server: Satele Shan

    My favorite Swtor Romance: Mako. I always like Msko as a Big Sister figure and I keep flirting with her up until Kotfe / Kotet and I might take an interest in Lana Beniko later on.
    What mount do I hope to win: Jetpack.

  39. Kirsten

    Satele Shan
    Doc & Corso — no joke! I love that they’re probably the most realistic, if all the things you mentioned, options. I chose them and almost none of the other romances EXACTLY because they were the black sheep. Also also, I’m of the strong opinion that in-game romances are super dumb. (Yep, strong opinions indeed!)

  40. Dekion

    Your character name: Dekion
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Satele Shan
    Prize: Jetpack

    You can’t forget about the tragedy of Lana Beniko. During the long dry spell known as KOTFE/KOTET most of the companions were removed as part of the story. With few options left Lana became the popular romance choice….until a few years later when Kira returned. I sense Lana is still secretly plotting her demise.

  41. Nick

    Your character name: Neekish
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Satele Shan
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: Elara Dorne. I wish the swtor romances were more useful (had a purpose) beyond just a few short conversation options.
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack

  42. Kaliyva

    Character name: Kaliyva
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge
    Mount prize: Opal Vulptilla
    Favorite SWTOR romance: Lana Beniko

    Lana has continuity and sticks around in the on-going story, she’s the sanest Sith in the game, and honestly I was pining for canon f/f romance (and I would really like if they’d add some more options!). I like how loyal she is to my character, and that she’s perfectly willing to work with (and tease) Jedi. I think a LS Sith Inquisitor romance with Lana makes an amazing power couple.

  43. Stepkkrew

    Character Name: Lidda Krew
    Faction: Pubside
    Server: Star Forge
    SWTOR romance:
    There are a lot that I like, but I’d probably have to go with Torien Cedera. From the first time I was introduced to Torien, I liked his character. I think part of it was hearing the Mando language spoke instead of just in writing.
    What mount I hope to win: Jetpack

  44. Jamie D

    Character: Artuur
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Darth Malgus
    Romance: Torian Cadera!
    Prize: Jet pack!

  45. Mandy

    Valintyne; Republic; Satele Shan; Arcann & Jedi Knight; jet pack.

  46. Clearly the best romance is Khem Val.

    He shall consume you, little Sith.

  47. Sindirus

    Character name: Sindirus
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus
    Favorite SWTOR romance would be the Dynamic of the char’s romance with Lana!
    Hope to win: Jetpack

  48. Gisornator

    Character Name: D‘un
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus
    Romance: Lana Beniko <3
    Mount: Heavy Mandalorian Jetpack

  49. Thearus

    Your character name: Thearus
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Star Forge
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: Definitely Theron, he’s so dumb and funny
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack

  50. Galaxiya

    Star Forge

    I’m not fond of most of the choices for romance options, but do like Torian. He’s calm and straightforward so no surprises that ruin the storyline for me, as some do.

  51. Zaxster

    Character Name: Ferrin Lok
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge
    Romance: Theron. Honestly a big part of the reason I started playing was cuz I saw some clips of his romance with a male character.
    Mount: Heavy Mandalorian Jetpack

  52. Character: Kastiel
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge
    Which mount: Mando Jetpack
    And which romance:
    I have several favorite romances, actually. Top of the list is Torian Cadera. He has a way of courting my Bounty Hunter with the most incredible respect for her as a Hunter and a Mandalorian, both. It never ceases to amaze me, that he can say something with such deep meaning, if only you look beyond the immediate surface.

    I also love Malavai Quinn, though. Precisely because his romance is so much a difficult one, and compromised by the wranglings of Sith politics and the terrible wrenching of Baras’ manipulation. I refuse to believe Quinn wasn’t compelled to act as he did. My Warrior always blamed Baras, and never Quinn.

    And Akaavi is amazing, too. If only because she’s a glorious opposites-attract sort of love interest. I can totally envision her looking at my Smuggie and rolling her eyes most of the time, even though she secretly thinks he’s adorable.

  53. Ryomen-sukuna

    To start off, I love the romance storylines in SWTOR, makes me feel more immersed in the game, plus it never hurts to have a partner, even if its just digital :’) Favorite partners of mine include Vette, Lana and Temple.

    Name: Ryomen-sukuna , Faction: Imperial , Server: Star Forge (Mandalorian Jetpack please 🙂 )

  54. Kellybelle88

    Name: Celyddon
    Faction: imperial
    Server: Starforge
    Favourite romance: Theron Shan!
    Prize choice: Jetpack

  55. celyntheraven

    My favorite male love interest is Theron and my favorite female love interest is a tie between Vette and Akaavi

    Name: Khessya
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Darth Malgus
    Mount: Jetpack

  56. Caelvin Dulany

    Your character name: Caelvin
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Star Forge
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack
    Your favorite SWTOR romance: Kira Carsen, independent and sarcastic, she is easy to connect with

  57. Silverknight

    Name: Maya-leena
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Satele Shan
    Mount: Jetpack

    I’ll defend the original pacing of “late acquisition” love interests in the vanilla game, like both Consular choices, as well as Raina, Doc, and Ashara (who also feel late to the party). Romantic progress was originally gated by affection, which was itself tied to a grindy gift system. One might meet Felix or Nadia late in the game, but still be on adventures with them for a year or more through Ilum, the Dread Masters, and the Rakghoul story bits before you advanced their affection enough to unlock the real relationship. When they revamped companions around the Shadow of Revan time period, they shifted things so that the companion conversations aboard the player ship are gated by one’s progress through the first three acts, which, for the late-comer romances, moves things along at an unnatural pace.

    My original Consular’s romance with Felix took FOREVER because I wasn’t grinding “companion gift crafting missions,” or grinding credits to buy gifts from players. By the time Iresso and I were really an item, we had been on many adventures over a natural span of time. As adorable as Mako is everytime she says she’s not just the pretty side-kick, I am charmed by the way Felix says “Did you see that? Tell me you saw that!” It would have been easy for the actor to sound like a braggart delivering that line, but Felix sounds so earnest in wanting to share his accomplishment with you, like we’re genuine partners. Felix’s romance is one of, if not THE, most mature romances in the game … if you pace it out. The way the game plays now, however, going from Hoth to Corellia, and going from “nice to meet you” to “marry me” in that span … yeah, it’s not great. And at this point in our real world timeline, far more players have experienced his romance with THAT pace, than they did the original one. Makes me sad for Iresso, especially considering what a total afterthought he was in the writer’s room during the KotFEETs, and how depressingly horrific they wrote his time away from us. Felix’s character deserved better.

  58. Anonymous

    Pub Side
    Star Forge
    Out of all the ones I have seen so far…. Ashara Zavros, though it is still hard to tell if that was my favorite…

  59. Anonymous

    Your character name: Codename Cypher

    Your faction: Empire

    Your server: Star Forge

    Your favorite SWTOR romance: Raina Temple. She’s just such a good subordinate, eager to please and willing to support all that you do, really transitions well into romance partner where she continues supporting you in everything. Most underrated romance story ever, goes to show that you don’t need a famous hot girl, just a simple girl to stay by your side always.

    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack

  60. Robin

    Star Forge
    I’ve enjoyed my romance with Lana Baniko
    Which mount you hope to win: Jetpack

  61. Anonymous

    Republic Hero
    Star Forge

    My favorite romance is the light side Bounty Hunter romance with Mako. It’s a very innocent romance. As much as BH flirts with Mako, she plays hard to get and is very quick-witted. It makes for a good fit for a hard headed bounty hunter.

    Jetpack for said bounty hunter !

  62. jr_revolution

    Character: Geordey
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge
    Favorite SWTOR romance: Lana, she has a lot of screen time and dialog in the story so you get to know her character. She supports you and your decisions, but strong and independent as well.
    Mount I hope to win: Jetpack

  63. Anonymous

    I’m gonna go against the grain here and say Kaliyo is my best romance partner. Love how she plays hard to get and pretending not to care, but the rare moments when she actually does show her weakness is a treasure and makes it even more enjoyable.

    Character: Lebbyling
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge
    Mount: Jetpack

  64. Dracen

    Character: Dracen
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus
    Mount I hope to win: Jetpack

    My favorite romance in SWTOR has to be Mako. There’s just something in her interactions with the male BH that makes their dynamic relationship feel real to me, not to mention her mysterious background as part of Project 32 that we get to explore with her as her story progresses. Wish we’d see more of that actually in the future. Waiting for the date night with her, whenever that may come.