Tricks and Treats

Happy Halloween, gentle reader!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I should probably start thinking about a post to mark the sixth anniversary of this blog, only to realize that the anniversary had already passed two weeks before. That time is playing tricks on me should tell you the kind of year I’m having. Still, it’s looking like the dark clouds are starting to lift. I have a lot of ground to make up, including an actual anniversary post which is a little different from what I usually do, and that should be out very soon!

An Ace That You Can Keep

In the meantime, I want to briefly touch on the most current topic in SWTOR: the recent start of the third Galactic Season! My first impression is that Bioware’s approach this time around has been “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If so, it was definitely the right call. I had lots of fun during the second season, but since it ended, Conquest has gotten stale, so it’s nice to hop on and look at the week’s objectives and see what I feel like doing for some neat rewards.

Indeed, I think the rewards this time around, are overall the best of the three seasons’ worth we’ve had so far. I’ve got characters waiting for each of the weapons, and the outfits should fit nicely into the wardrobes of my smugglers and agents. As for this season’s companion, PH4-LNX, she’s quite distinct, with ties to our Fallen Empire adventures. It’s cool to know there are still some GEMINI droids out there still making their way in the galaxy after being freed by SCORPIO.

The most noticeable change in the Season’s rewards track is that this time Bioware has been less generous with Cartel Coin rewards which have been substituted out for Bind-on-Legacy Cartel Packs. I heard of many folks completing the previous season on all five servers and coming away with twenty thousand Cartel Coins. That is a good chunk of cash shop currency, so I can understand why Bioware dialed those rewards back. But I can also see that dedicated players who put in the effort to complete the season on multiple servers made a considerable investment in time and subscriptions themselves. Personally, the cartel coins aren’t the main thing I want out of the season’s rewards, so I’m fine with the change, but I will admit it was nice being flush with cc (by my wasteful standards anyway) after completing the season on two servers last time around.

Bioware also nudged up the cost of the account unlocks for this season rewards, which I am less happy about. I admit the costs are still cheap, but it’s not great to feel like you’re being nickel-and-dimed when unlocking player earned rewards, especially after seeing that the Cartel Coin rewards have be already been reduced.

Despite this, I do think the season is off to a good start. Completing objectives with guildmates is always fun, and running Fay’s basic story quests and many of the odd-ball objectives remains a pleasure.

No Tricks, Only Treats: Opal Vulptilla Mount Raffle!

To somewhat belatedly celebrate this blog’s sixth big, big anniversary, I am pleased to be able to share with members of my community an opportunity to win an Opal Vulptilla mount. To enter this raffle, all you need to do is leave a comment below this post. Do you dress your characters up for Halloween? Do your characters cosplay in SWTOR in general? How have you been enjoying the new Galactic Season? Do you do it multiple servers or is one enough for you? Let me know what SWTOR thoughts are on your mind!

To enter, leave a comment below with the following information:

  • Your character name (be mindful of spaces and special symbols!)
  • Your faction
  • Your server

That’s it! For every ten entries, I will draw one winner up to a maximum of 3 mount winners. Just between you and me, I’ve got some extra codes for cartel coins and subscription time, so there should be plenty of prizes for the runners up as well. No candy corn, apples or fun-size chocolate bars here, only full size treats if I can help it!

I will accept entries for two weeks from this posting and will randomly select winners on November 15, 2022 at 12 PM ET.

If you prefer not to comment publicly, I also accept entries via email at or through twitter.

There are no country or server restrictions on any of the prizes that will be awarded.

This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with LucasFilm Ltd, BioWare or Electronic Arts Inc.

We’re on the honor system here, so one entry per person, please.

Please only enter for yourself!

Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

If you’re new here, I hope you’ll take a look around. I’ve been translating SWTOR’s alien languages for six years now and sharing commentary about the state of the game as I see it.



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62 Responses to Tricks and Treats

  1. Anurzin

    Star Forge

  2. Haazen

    Hello there!

    Like every Halloween I’m using the Ghostly Magus armor set for a couple of days ;D
    This is a welcome change to the royal guard cosplay I usually wear. The season is okay, even though I liked the rewards of GS2 a bit more. I’m playing it on all three European servers, primary for the random decoration reward crates and of course cartel coins 🙂

    Char: Bralkûr
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Tulak Hord

    May the force ever serve you!

  3. Jamie

    Character name :Azlah
    Faction: republic
    Server: satele shan

  4. Anonymous

    Satele Shan

  5. Sarconia

    Hey there,

    Thanks for the article and the giveaway! *fingers crossed*

    Char: Sarconia
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Tulak Hord

    Happy Halloween! 🙂

  6. Not dressing up, my Sith are scary enough as they are 😛

    I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the Cartel Coin change, but given that in previous seasons you could unlock most of the levels with cartel coins and still come out ahead (or at least with no loss), it was probably to be expected. Haven’t jumped in on this season yet, but you’ve made me curious!

  7. Anonymous

    Character: Giles Grimshaw
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Satele Shan

  8. Gonzo

    Congratulations on six years. That is an amazing milestone. Keep up the great work!!

    Gonzo Katarn
    Star Forge

  9. Hellebore Arts

    Character: Xodlak’ar’nurudo
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for a fun article.😃 And thanks for the possibility of prizes!💰

      Character: Neerovra
      Faction: Republic
      Server: Star Forge

  10. RogueTwo

    comment comment comment.

    Alkotos, Republic, Star Forge.


  11. Jess

    I’m actually really excited to hit level 100 on galactic seasons (hopefully) because the reward is a mount that looks so colorful and cool!
    Congrats on six years and cheers to many more!

    Character: Jess’Kidding
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  12. Jamie D

    Character: Artuur
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Darth Malgus

    🙂 Congrats on 6 years!

  13. Anonymous

    Character: Anyah Ysanna
    Fraction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  14. Neelke

    Character: Neelke
    Fraction Imperial
    Server: Tulak Horde

  15. Mike

    Darth malgus

  16. Chris

    I do enjoy dressing up a few toons at different times of the year. But otherwise usually too busy running around helping friends/guildies with stuff to do too much roleplay/cosplay.

    Character: Nediaru
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  17. Anonymous

    Jace Daroth, Republic, Star Forge
    New season is cool, but the increased collection unlock prices are disappointing. And I wish that Fay had unique abilities/

  18. Nok

    Really enjoying your work! Thank you for all the effort!

    Nokturna Lamia
    Star Forge

  19. Drew

    I usually dress up characters for Guild events
    Character: Verloc
    Faction: Empire
    Server Satele Shan

  20. Mari

    I love different outfits for my Chars. The more colorful, the better 🙂
    Character: Cina Rey
    Fraction: Republic
    Server: Satele Shan

  21. Anonymous

    Shy Panda
    Star Forge

  22. Nezzir

    Imp Side
    Star Forge

  23. Simeaz

    Star Forge

  24. Kivaia

    Satele Shan

    Congrats on 6 years of blogging! I put a lot of time into dressing up my characters, so I do usually make seasonal outfits (black and orange for Halloween, some combo of red/white/green for Life Day, etc.). In previous years I’ve made costumes for guild Halloween contests, but this year I was busy and not feeling inspired, so I just wore Callous Conqueror in orange and black to the guild party. Nice creepy Sith look.

    I’m doing Galactic Seasons on 4 servers, though two of them I’m just logging in for, and I’ll buy up with credits near the end. Kind of sad at the lowered CC rewards, definitely annoyed at the raised price of GS unlocks. I like Fay, though.

  25. Boomynote

    Star Forge

  26. Kiwipanda

    Character: kujouu
    Faction: republic
    Server: star forge

  27. Anonymous

    Tori Djarin
    Star Forge

  28. Jason / beast :)

    Toon: Nihilusxc
    Faction : republic

    Serve: star forge

  29. I have some saved costumes for various characters, like the KotOR I/II ones, or various fancy gowns or suits. I didn’t give myself much time for that this year, as I am working on two new Legacies.

    Character: Whit Turner
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Satele Shan

  30. Russell’Thomas
    Star Forge

  31. Jeremy

    Satele Shan

    Congrats on 6 years!

  32. Walex

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

    I participated in the Remnants of Hope’s Halloween Costume contest!
    Here was my costume for 2022!

    Character: Walex Blissex
    Fraction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  33. Anonymous

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I do the galactic on my main server and the first 20 lvls on the others. I do not dress up for halloween but I do run the Ghostly Magus skin + Red and white dye which looks like a zombie! 😛

    Character : Vyllron
    Faction : Imperial
    Server : Darth Malgus

  34. Karen

    Congratulations of 6 years for your blog! I do not dress up my characters much.

    Character: Miquisi
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

  35. Yay for another Season, and a really cool companion!
    I like the Fay mission because you can knock it out very quickly and only need to visit a few planets to unlock her. Also, the destinations are cantinas that usually have quick travel points.

    The season objectives mesh fairly well with conquest, so you can double/triple up on login rewards/conquest/seasons. It’s great to earn stuff just for playing the game. I really like the seasons system, just be mindful of your reputation cap of 4k per week, you’ll need to put in 3888 per week to hit the 70k cap to complete the achievement by the end of the season. Maybe they will extend the reputation deadline like they did for season2…

    re: unlock prices: I’ll probably wait until the Lifeday unlock discount sale before I unlock anything else, assuming they have it again this year.

    re: Vulptilla: I already have one (thank you), so if I win the mount, please pass it along to another entry.

    Server: Star Forge
    Faction: Republic
    Character: SexyLekku

  36. Anonymous

    Character: Keira Dorne
    Fraction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

  37. As always, thanks for the post and congrats on six years!

    Character: AlbusPuer
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

  38. Halloween was fun, although my guild leader dressed up like candy corn with a legacy title of “All Natural!” What a farce, candy corn is awful =P

    Character: Déus (Alt 0233)
    Faction: Pub
    Server: Star Forge

  39. Rye

    6 years of stuff (great stuff) that reminds me to slow down, look around and appreciate the literal world building in SWTOR. Thank you.

    Galactic Seasons, another way Bioware manipulates us into different activities. I happily fall right in line and start doing stuff I generally don’t with guildies or knock stuff out solo. Loads of fun and plenty of loots. This season is lacking the big prize Stronghold motivation, I miss the chatter about getting enough currency to purchase the goal. I’m happy to find pets or mounts to spend my currency on.

    Thank you Intisar, for all you do and the shenanigans you instigate.

    Rye’s Medicus
    Pub side BEST side
    Star Forge

    • Burnedd

      For Halloween, I don’t have a special outfit. I just dye my lack of pants to orange and black. I’ll just be doing galactic seasons on the one server.
      And congratulations on 6 years with the website!

      Name: Jehito
      Imp side BEST side Rye!
      Star Forge

  40. Bladebreake

    Star Forge

    Thank you Intisar for the awesome content as always! I’ve not really did much of stuff related to Halloween, but all along I have been dressing up my character as close to Clone Wars era clone troopers, fitting for my trooper character. I particularly love Commander Fordo for his badassery in holding the line, but unfortunately it is next to impossible for me to find an armor set that matches Fordo’s helmet especially. However, the Havoc Squad armor set belonging to Jace Malcolm is still pretty sweet and I love it!

  41. Lebbyling

    Hello there again Intisar, always a joy to read your blog covering almost every single SWTOR content and events, including this Halloween 🙂

    I’m a big fan of cosplaying in this game, and my Mandalorian character literally began after watching the Mandalorian series. I just HAD to create my own cool Mando bounty hunter and deck him out in the slickest armor in the game. Initially I went with just Shae Vizla’s armor set as she has a great taste of fashion, then gradually I tweaked my outfit bit by bit. Eventually I ended up with a hologram-decked outfit thanks to the addition of some pieces from the Holoshield Trooper and Emergency Power legacy set, plus a Black Nebula Blaster pistol with its sweet hologram targeting reticule, and another Holoshield weapon tuning to top it off!

    Hope to win the Opal Vulptilla from your raffle too, thanks in advance!
    Name: Lebbyling
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  42. Codename cypher

    Cosplaying is and always has been the true endgame for me. I’m pretty proud of my James-Bond-in-space outfit that I have made for my Imperial Agent toon, wearing the Dashing Rogue chestpiece with its cloak plus some cybernetic enhancements like the Cyber Agent Wrist Controller and High Roller shades to give a dash of Bond at casino-look. I fit right in during the Nar Shaddaa casino event 😉

    Name- Codename Cypher
    Server- Star Forge
    Faction- Empire

  43. Ryomen-sukuna

    Another fun article to read through, especially from the previous Viva Nar Shaddaa one from you 😀
    My Sith Inquisitor character is dressed up in half body armor, the other half in priestly robes, befitting for his status as a warrior priest for his sect of Sith cult.
    Would like to be one of the lucky winners for your giveaway!
    Ryomen-sukuna, Empire, Star Forge.

  44. Concentratedfire

    Galactic seasons are quite good this time round for me, got some decent rewards including the Cartel Coins which is always good. But the grind is still quite heavy for a dude like me who barely has time to play more than an hour everyday, so I won’t be getting everything in it.

    My Innovative Ordnance Mercenary is armed to the teeth with dual Provenance pistols, although it is noisy like a bunch of clanking cans I love its brutal bulk as it resembles Warhammer40k’s Spare Marine bolt pistols. He’s well armored too with his Mandalorian armor, who says you can’t have style without function?

    Name – Concentratedfire
    Faction – Empire
    Server – Star Forge

  45. Nanawatzin

    Your character name: Tealeq
    Your faction: Imperial Empire
    Your server: Darth Malgus

  46. Anonymous

    Do you dress your characters up for Halloween?
    I don’t dress up my characters for Halloween or any holiday really, I only do that for specific instances when role-playing or playing through the story.
    I have been enjoying the Galactic Seasons! This is the first one I am really active with, though I wish I was active since GS1.

    Darth Malgus

  47. Dressed up one of my characters as Wonder Woman during this last Halloween’s fashion contest. Maybe she can win an Opal Vulptilla too lol.

    character: Lusiel Quinn
    faction: Empire
    server: Star Forge

  48. Princesscuppcakee

    Character: Juggerkups
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Satele Shan

    Happy anniversary! Thank you for providing community content for swtor for so many years! My Character dressed up as Sansa Stark for a Winter is Coming theme for Halloween! As far as this season, I am enjoying the objectives, but I also feel a bit nickeled and dimed when it comes to legacy unlocking the earned rewards. It starts to feel a bit like greed on their part after paying almost 11 years of subscription since game release.

  49. Amy

    Character name: Faileas
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

    For Halloween I don’t normally dress my characters up, but I love designing outfits for my alt army, so it might be something fun to do in the future! 🙂

  50. Anonymous

    Character Name: Dex Kalstar
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  51. Anonymous

    Character Name: Qindava
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

    I spent Halloween at a Rocky Horror watch party so didn’t celebrate in game but dressing characters up is a very fun idea for future Octobers

  52. Mandy

    Valintyne – Republic – Satele Shan 💕

  53. Aurore

    Your character name : Anakaah
    Your faction : Republic
    Your server : Darth Malgus

  54. Mandálor Tarre

    Cosplay is the no. 1 reason why I now play this game, and I love my character in the first Mandalorian Jedi Tarre Vizsla cosplay, dressed in sleek silver Mandalorian armor and wielding the best approximation of the Darksaber. This is the Way!

    Name : Mandálor Tarre
    Faction : Empire
    Server : Star Forge

  55. Anonymous

    Hey 🙂
    Congrats on six years! 🙂

    Character Name: Weylard
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Darth Malgus

  56. Anonymous

    Name – Bubby Newport
    Faction – Pub
    Server – Star Forge

  57. Chiana

    Name : Chiana Nebari
    Faction : Empire
    Server : Darth Malgus

  58. Anonymous

    Yabba’dabba’doo – Empire – SF