Who’s that Twi’lek?

Last Thursday, Bioware hosted a livestream to focus on the story of SWTOR‘s upcoming expansion  Legacy of the Sith. It was a short one, but they did not waste any time getting the news out. They shared some information about where we’ll be going and who we’ll be going there with. It was neat to see some old and new faces and places, but the developers also made sure to include two big pieces of information.

The first was entirely expected and long awaited: the expansion’s release date is December 14, 2021, less the one month from now! It will be an exciting race to the finish line. I think it would be generous to call the state of the game on the PTS “a work in progress” and I truly hope the team at Bioware will be able to get everything in working order for the launch with plenty of time to spare.

New Twi’lek, Who Dis?

The second big reveal was rather more unexpected, and I must tip my hat to the good folks in Austin for putting it out there and not remarking on it at all.

We caught our first glimpse of a mysterious new character in the lovely key art that will serve as Legacy of the Sith’ loading screen, followed by a few tantalizing frames at the very end of the teaser trailer.

Recently Bioware has been rolling out remastered versions of SWTOR‘s amazing cinematic trailers, and if you haven’t watched them in a while, it is worth it to revisit them in high definition to be reminded about what a breathtaking introduction to the game’s setting they are!

I thought the days of these types of cinematics in SWTOR were over. But when they revealed a new CGI model of Darth Malgus on the cover of Star Wars Insider, I started to wonder, but did not dare get my hopes up. However, one look at those big blue eyes, and it was immediately obvious that this shot was not rendered in SWTOR’s game engine. Something is coming, and I cannot wait to see it.

This past summer I took Bioware to task for not giving us enough to anticipate or wonder about for Legacy of the Sith, but with one loading screen and a few frames of video, they’ve excited my interest and got me asking questions!

The first and foremost is, of course, who is she? With my tin-foil-hat firmly in place, I have a theory. I think she is Darth Malgus’ daughter. While Eleena Daru came to a tragic end at Malgus’ hands, it does not strike me as impossible that she bore him a child. If true, this leads too all sorts of additional questions. Who raised her? Did Malgus know about her? Does she know who were parents are?

And I think there are some clues in what we’ve seen and heard already.

She carries a purple lightsaber, a color which Tau Idair’s voice actor Enuka Okuma aptly described in the livestream’s pre-show as a balance of the Jedi’s traditional blue lightsaber and the Sith’s red. Moreover, the figure wears black armor over white robes, imagery which again bridges the Jedi and Sith. I don’t believe any of this is by accident.

Is she Jedi? Is she Sith? Could she be neither? The notion of “Gray Jedi” is a contentious one. Personally it’s never appealed to me as a formal designation or coherent philosophy, but the concept of Jedi and Sith who exist outside their respective codes has long been a part of Star Wars and especially Old Republic lore. And Malgus’ voiceover in the teaser indicates a clear desire to break free of both the Sith and Jedi.

Is this woman part of his plan for that? His hope for that? His tool for that? And what does she think about her role in all of this?

I think the final clue comes in the name of the expansion itself. It may not be a metaphor at all. As the child of Darth Malgus, she would be the literal Legacy of the Sith.

Like I said, I have questions but no answers. And I love it!

Opal Vulpltilla Raffle

Finally, to celebrate this week’s announcements, I am lucky enough to be able to share with my community a chance to win an Opal Vulptilla mount. To enter this raffle, all you need to do is leave a comment below this post. Who do you think the mysterious Twi’lek is? What is your favorite Aurebesh letter? Will you redecorate your Manaan stronghold to reflect the war there? Which returning character will we be able to romance in 7.0 and why is it Darth Rivix? Let me know what SWTOR thoughts are on your mind! However, I must insist that you DO NOT post datamined spoilers from the PTS. I will delete and disqualify any such comments.

To enter, leave a comment below with the following information:

  • Your character name (be mindful of spaces and special symbols!)
  • Your faction
  • Your server

That’s it! I will accept entries for two weeks from this posting and will randomly select the winner on December 4 at 12 PM ET.

If you prefer not to comment publicly, I will also accept entries via email at twia@generic-hero.com or through twitter.

There are no country or server restrictions on any of the prizes that will be awarded.

This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with LucasFilm Ltd, BioWare or Electronic Arts Inc.

We’re on the honor system here, so one entry per person, please.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Legacy of the Sith!

If you’re new here, I hope you’ll take a look around. I’ve been translating SWTOR’s alien languages for more than five years now and sharing commentary about the state of the game as I see it.



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72 Responses to Who’s that Twi’lek?

  1. Todd

    “With my tin-foil-hat firmly in place, I have a theory. I think she is Darth Malgus’ daughter.”

    Honestly, I don’t think that’s tin foil hat at all. It was my first reaction, and I think a solid guess.

    Or maybe I just don’t want to think of myself as a foil hat conspirator… 😆

  2. rothenbg

    I would like an Anri romance or the *gasp* possibility to kill/exile Lana (maybe she fails you in a mission or something).

    Character name: G’arphield
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

  3. Paul Sutherland

    I think she’s the offspring of Darth Malgus and Eleena Daru.

    Your character name: Marrlak
    Your faction: Empire
    Your server: Satele Shan

    • Anonymous

      I havnt really followed the story but Vette is a twilek and shes a twilek
      Maybe they are related?

      Character : Shylena

      Faction : Republic

      Server : Darth Malgus

  4. I don’t even have the Manaan stronghold yet – I still need to decorate three of my others, embarrassingly enough.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, and, as always, for your theories and opinions!

    Character: Veluona
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  5. Abstergo

    I would love to have more Hidden Chain decorations,as I’m a mandalorian purist. We don’t need to fight someone else’s war!
    Lets just get rid of the Dar’manda on our ranks,clean the stench of failure and betrayal.

    Character: Harad
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  6. Gonzo

    I think the new character could be a hidden disciple that has been trained in secret to disrupt the status quo since Malgus has always seems to push against.

    Character: Gonzo Katarn
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  7. Honestly I really think it would be better if she wasn’t Malgus’ child, there are too many family bonds in such a large galaxy, first Rey as Palpatine’s legacy and then Theron as child of Satele. Better make her the guardian of some ancient order or something, or maybe a part of the Voss cults.

    Name: De’ave
    Server: Star Forge
    Faction: Empire

  8. Moritz Lenk

    I love the return of all the Characters. Also i am so hyped for the new Operation in the new Expansion. Star Wars developers showed us that they work hard on this game and that makes me happy since Swtor is my all time favourite game.

    Character: Brevalon
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Tulak Hord

  9. Kevin

    Character Name: Sirr Slaughterr
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  10. Riku

    I hope for some decorations that fits well with the fleet strongholds as well as the guildships, the two bundles they released recently were really cool!

    Your character name: Riku
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Darth Malgus

  11. Vish

    I don’t mind if she’s not related to anyone, but I admit Malgus’daughter would be pretty cool!

    Character name: Praxyrn
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

  12. Tannsrw

    I think a new character is a Malgus secret child with his twi’lek that we seen in the original trailer. The fact that she use a purple lightsaber with a while outfit make me think that maybe she not actually a sith.
    Character: Tan Vizla
    Fraction: Empire
    Server: Satele Shan

  13. Srednaz

    Really love this website and greatly looking forward to 7.0!
    I like the theory that the new Twi-lek is Malgus’s secret child. But what if it is Eleena’s daughter (father not Malgus) and is seeking revenge at Malgus for the death of her mother??

    Character: Emperør Srednaz
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  14. SpazRaven1235

    I don’t think this new character is a child of Eleena and Malgus, their relationship in the Decieved book didnt seem developed enough for them to have already had a child and considering that Eleena dies days after the sacking of coruscant I can’t imagine that they are related. Could still be wrong though. My best guess is that she is a jedi that ran away during the 5 years of carbonite and spent time learning from the sith texts to find a middleground.

    That or she’s just some random we’ll meet somwhere, lmao.

    Character: Sheyler
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Satele Shan

  15. Valentin

    Malgus’ daughter role be cool, but even cooler, Vette and my warriors’ child!
    Character: Volcain
    Faction: Imp
    Server: Satele Shan

  16. Naerra

    Oh I really hope they gonna make Rivix proper romanceable option. My main didn’t have any worthwhile options (agent). And Gideon has godly voice O:)

    Character: Nærra
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

  17. Anonymous

    She could be related to Eleena and just so happens fits into Malgus’ plans for a new philosophy or order. Or maybe she’s out to kill him as her endgame.

    Character: Aquilus
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

  18. Falderi

    Maybe Malgus’ apprentice? I just hope the new operations are are fun tbh

    Character name: Alon Mor
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

  19. Caihren

    I loooooove the idea of her being his daughter for story reasons. But I would also be very happy to see the grey Jedi make an appearance as a faction, because I think it opens up a lot of interesting story and writing possibilities for the future. So that’s what I’m going to guess!

    Character: Caihren
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  20. /JawaFace

    I won’t be re-decorating my Manaan stronghold (not that it is finished yet anyways XD), but I am hoping there will be plenty new Manaan themed decorations added. The Twi’lek is obviously Tenebrae/Vitiate/Valkorion returne dinto a new body 😛

    Character: Kara Cameron
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

  21. Io Frost

    Character Name: Aeysa
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

    What is on my mind? Just SWTOR in general, I love it so much I am 99% sure I’ll love whatever they give us as I have done ever since I started in 2013. Rivix makes me think of Tom Hiddleston though… also. Jawas. Always Jawas. 💛

  22. cyberchp

    I still stick to my original thoughts when I first saw the montage and this person is actually a younger Senya based on the lighter colored dots on her temples (implants). Senya was highlighted several times throughout that montage. I think she is reacting to events involving her children and that may play into more stories in 7.0

    Good luck to all who enter.

    Character Name: cyberchp
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  23. I am very happy that they put a Twi’lek character (my favorite alien specie) in the story. We still don’t know who she is, but I want to think that she is the daughter of Eleena Daru and Darth Malgus… we’ll see!!!

    Cresh is my favorite letter in aurebesh <3
    Good luck everybody! 😀

    Character Name: Khaaira
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Darth Malgus

  24. Anonymous

    Character Name: Rurokar
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

    Good luck to everyone who’s entering the raffle. 🙂

    As for what SWTOR thoughts are on my mind…I hope the combat/class overhaul of 7.0 will go over well. I have my own reservations about it, but I hope with some time to adapt, it’ll be fine again.
    Other than that, as a mount collector, I’m of course wondering which new mounts will be introduced in the coming months. 😀

  25. LenNArt

    I thought the Twilek might be the Jedi who also wrote the Elom report but her being Malgus daughter would be super interesting as well 😀
    And tho I don’t have it yet I’m definetly gonna get the Manaan Stronghold when the expansion launches^^

    Character: Kres’ever’nuruodo
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  26. Darth Malerius

    Hi! I really hope that twi’lek is Darth Malgus’ daughter. It would be amazing and really unique to see other aspects of Veradun’s life outside of that of a sith lord. He’s an already interesting character, so this would further expand the dimensions of his backstory.

    My Manaan stronghold remains monstly empty as I have enough work to do in my other properties 🙁 hahaha! And my favourite aurebesh letter is Dorn!

    Character: Malerius
    Faction: Sith Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

  27. Fherr

    The twilek is Kephess obviously lol, nah she is probably a new character,
    Favorite letter is Xesh
    I won’t redecorate manaan i like it how i have it ATM
    I’m hopping more Major Anri romance.
    Current though on swtor vulptilla is all I have in my mind XD
    Character: Fherr
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge and Satele Shan

  28. Teigra

    I think you’re probably right with the theory that she’s the daughter of Malgus and Eleena, but I have to agree with De’ave’s comment that there might be too many family stories going on. After all, we just got out of the KotFE/KotET story. I’m not sure why they would want to jump right into yet another story of a child either aiding or turning against their evil parent?

    As for romance stuff, Rivix definitely gets points for sharing a voice actor with Fenris from Dragon Age, but I think I’m actually a bit more excited about a Major Anri romance.

    My main wish for LotS right now is that they get the difficulty and scaling just right. (Sorry, Porgs are pretty low on the list!)

    Character: Peperomia
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  29. Emi

    I hope 7.0 brings a lot of new and returning players back with the revamped character creator and the ability to play 2 classes at once, I hope it helps the pve players learn and fuse classes to play content together instead of excluding people.

    Character: Emi’thiss
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  30. Ralph

    I feel it is likely related to Darth Malgus, it doesnt need to be his daughter, she does look to have some white hair so it could imply she is old so could be someone related to Eleena, maybe a sister or relative?

    -Character: Ralph’x
    -Faction: Empire
    -Server: Star Forge

  31. Anonymous

    Who do you think the mysterious Twi’lek is? It’s likely Malgus’ daughter. I’m hoping they put a good story around the character because it just seems lazy as a plot up front.
    Will you redecorate your Manaan stronghold to reflect the war there? No unless the decos that come from the expansion are worth spending the time.
    As far as the merged combat styles, I am intrigued to see how it goes.

    Your character name: Davkota
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Star Forge

  32. Galaxiya

    Thank you for all that you do! Really appreciate your time and energy and always enjoy reading your blog!

  33. Galaxiya *edited

    Oops, forgot to do as instructed:
    Your character name: Galaxiya
    Your faction: Republic
    Your server: Star Forge

  34. Bara Vasinar

    I am going with the conventional wisdom and say Malgus’ daughter. But in a twist, she is after revenge for her mother. She has been training, and now feels like she is powerful enough to confront him!

    Character Bara Vasinar
    Faction Republic
    Server Star Forge

  35. Samuel

    Don’t really know who the twi’lek might be, but i’m sure we’ll find out who she is when 7.0 is released.

    Your character name: Keyrna
    Your faction: Empire
    Your server: Star Forge

  36. Jamie D

    Character name: Artuur
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus

    I definitely subscribe to the theory that this mysterious Twilek could be the daughter of Darth Malgus!

  37. Anonymous

    I’m on board with the daughter of Malgus theory myself.

    Character Name: Atria Sol
    Faction: Pub
    Server: Star Forge

  38. Abazor

    Super pumped for 7.0!! I’m excited my jugg can finally join the stealth crew

    Name: Swegu
    Faction: Imp
    Server: Satele Shan

  39. ArdelStar

    My tinfoil hat theory is that she is Darth Null. Sure, she looks a little young to be an ancient Sith, but we don’t know what Null looks like, and it is the only character unaccounted for, so to speak. Or she is a relative of Malgus’s girlfriend is my second guess, I’m not certain human/twi’lek hybrids are actually a thing.
    I probably won’t, my Manaan stronghold is my characters place to relax.
    The new romance is probably Rivix because he is popular in the forums, and in the stream they said they read the threads and in general were really excited about him.

    Name: Nyx Scathia
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

  40. Name: Zoya-leena
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Satele Shan

    I have compelling reasons to doubt the twi’lek is Malgus’s daughter. First, SWTOR writers/producers are eager for their efforts in the Old Republic timeline to be accepted and integrated into the larger Disney canon. The fact that Malgus appears on the cover of Star Wars Insider speaks to the fact they are beginning to succeed.
    Given that, I think they’d want to (or be required to) respect the rule that Rebels SEEMS to have established about the product of a human/twi’lek pairing: a human head with non-human-colored hair. Kanaan/Caleb and Hera have a son named Jacen, and he does not have lekku. Maybe the male children come out human, and the female children come out twi’lek, but I doubt they’re intending to establish that as canon. First, I doubt they’d utilize SWTOR as a venue for settling the question about what happens to female offspring of human/twi’lek pairings and, secondly, I think that rule would be uncomfortably creepy. Maybe that’s just me? In any case, another compelling reason was touched on above by another response, which is to say that no child was established, or even intimated, in the depicted relationship between Malgus and his slave/partner/lover. And she definitely died “on screen,” so it’ s not like they can just retcon her survival and say she had his offspring shortly after the Sacking. I just don’t think this girl is his girl.

    I definitely think she’s the bridge between Malgus’s past, and the future he’s embarking on now. I’m eager to see how it plays out.

  41. Alex G

    I have to say, before today, It didn’t even cross my mind that the Mystery Twi’lek could be the offspring of Malgus and Eleena Daru, but it is an interesting idea. The only problem is the whole Human/Twi”lek offspring thing, unless they decide to go down the “she was also a slave, and was adopted by Eleena and Malgus, and considered them her parents, or that she is Eleena’s daughter, but not Malgus’, but that is a bit much. I guess we’ll find out soon, since it seems odd that she is on the key art, but wasn’t even mentioned in the recent livestream.

    My other theory was that she might have been Malgus’ apprentice after his “resurrection” and becoming the Empire’s Wrath, but I don’t think Acina or Vowrawn would have let Malgus take on an apprentice.

    As for what I am looking forward to in 7.0: The story and combat styles. I can finally make a Gunslinger/Scoundrel who can stealth around and dirty kick people again!

    Character name: Gàvern Rassilon
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Satele Shan

  42. Mercedes

    She’s Master Jedi Denolm Orr

    Character Name: Mercielaga
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Satele Shan

  43. I love Twileks, in fact, my Legacy name is Fortuna… as in Bib Fortuna.
    When I created my legacy name when the legacy system was introduced, I knew exactly what I wanted to use. Funny, I have lost a lot of PC names from server merges, but I never lost my legacy name. Yay.

    The new Twilek in the image looks like it would be a great companion for either faction. The purple crystal with the black and white armor does have overtones of neutrality or skirting the edge between the light and dark side. Perhaps even a legacy Revanite ?

    7.0 is going to be different, I don’t think I’ll need to play so many alts with the new load out system. I may even retire some alts…

    Character: Sîthica
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  44. I think she is Malgus offispring would be super cool and that will makes sense with the name “Legacy of the Sith”

    Character : Misty Flame
    Faction : Empire
    Server : Satele Shan

  45. Meaz

    Sadly I am not fully versed in all the lore that there is, but as I dive deeper, it is really enjoyable. I would LIKE her to be an offspring of Darth Malgus, as that would be very interesting to continue down that road for story, but I still look forward to seeing who she is.

    Character name: Meaz
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

  46. Rye

    With my focus elsewhere this week, family, friends and turkey, I haven’t spent much time pondering the big questions. I just know we’ll have a blast figuring it all out on December 14th and beyond.

    Intisar, thank you for everything you do and a chance at a shiny new mount!

    Character name: Rye’s Medicus
    Faction: Pub side / BEST side
    Server: Star Forge

  47. Ralmus

    Character: Cromstar
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

    I think it would be fun if the new character had a bit of “bad” in her but was still a Jedi, the whole goody two shoes becomes a bit boring sometimes, although that might just be me since i prefer the agent story 😛

  48. Erik

    Your character name: Rainy Sunday
    Your faction: Imperial
    Your server: Satele Shan

    in 7.0 i would really be looking forward to more community focused updates, stuff that helps guilds, makes it easier to run events, raids and other stuff, in particular for the people that lead them

  49. Seven

    Your character name: Nukrai
    Your faction: Imperial
    Your server: Star Forge

    I’m hoping for the grey jedi idea but it’d just be nice to have a more neutral character in general! I’d just love to explore more of the side of what happens when you work with both light and dark. If she’s the daughter of Malgus tho I could see her being more of a neutral sith or non-sith force user..

  50. Alex

    No clue who the Twi’lek might be, but hope it will be an ally to the player, not Malgus.
    I hope there is a good story overall and few bugs at launch for the expansion 😀
    Character : Rehlnor
    Faction : Empire
    Server : Darth Malgus

  51. Sam

    Character name: Gunnex
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Satele Shan

    Glad to back playing SWTOR again 😀

  52. Phyreblade

    Is it possible that the Twilek is actually Vette’s sister, Tivva? She made a couple of brief appearances in-game but we don’t know what happened to her after the Alliance was established. It would be awesome if she went on to try for some payback for her sister’s death.

    Your character: Gaibriel Duncan
    Your faction: Republic smuggler
    Your server: Star Forge

  53. I think she could be a new ‘grey’ or rival Jedi apprentice to Arn Peralun. I dont think we’d see a green twilek in the Empire but a rival to Arns potential dark route you can put him on during MekSha as an alternative.

    Your character: Loth’karr
    Your faction: Imperial
    Your server: Star Forge

  54. She’s a brand new character that is part of the weird cult that is forming on the R-4 Anomaly

    Your character name: Zanthana
    Your faction: Empire
    Your server: Star Forge

  55. Kera

    Character: Gummy Worm
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Star Forge

    I find decorating to be a very fun aspect of this game and I have already made some plans on how to decorate my Manaan stronghold when 7.0 releases.

  56. Arguked

    Well, this is very interesting. I love the story of Malgus. Thinking about a daughter can be such a nice story, but a secret child is something already used in the Star Wars universe.
    There is Denolm Orr, Jedi Master, who wrote the mission briefff about Elom. Also, the name of Master Gan Enok – Site Security is mentioned. Can be one of them…

    Character name: Arguked.
    Faction; Empire.
    Server: Satele Shan.

  57. Nanawatzin

    Character: Reiko Vraka
    Faction: Republic
    Server: Darth Malgus

  58. Anonymous

    I’m betting my entire legacy hold that the character in the trailer is that Twi’lek.

    Character name: Kodatto
    Faction: Republic (The best side)
    Server: Darth Malgus

  59. Vyrnnus

    Name: Vyrnnus
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Satele Shan

  60. Kelly Femmer

    I don’t know who she is but. She looks cool I have only been playing swtor for around 3 months and left Wow after playing it form day one. So I hope I will enjoy the expac.

    Waaghstomp 75
    imperial bounty hunter

    Satele shan realm

  61. Niashi

    I’m not sure that that Twi’lek is the daughter of Malgus. While they would make a lot of sense, wouldn’t she be blue skinned if that was the case? I mean, Elena Daru was blue and Malgus was.. well.. grey. I’m not claiming to know how the genetics of this type of relationship work, I’m just sceptical. Maybe she’s a granddaughter of Malgus, since he’s like 75 years old now.

    Name: Niashi
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Satele Shan

  62. Arctix

    Character: Sorc Two
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Satele Shan

  63. maisie

    character: Ciel Mirwen
    faction: Republic
    server: Star Forge

  64. Tsunami

    I really have no idea who the Twi is…

    Name: Whitney Spears
    Faction: Imp
    Server: Satele Shan

  65. Willie Lo

    Like I have seen in a couple of these responses the Twi’lek is probably Malgus daughter. I hope Bioware is just holding back information to give us a big reveal and surprise for 7.0.

    Name: Omêgâ
    Faction: Imp
    Server: Star Forge

  66. Patricia Jean Bolcerek

    I feel she’s the daughter of Darth Malgus and Eleena Daru. Eleena hid the child within the Jedi, feeling that Malgus had good in him soon learned otherwise.

    Your character name: Neaj
    Your faction: Repbulic
    Your server: Star Forge

  67. Nolan

    I would like to bring back the ability to kill Quinn in the warrior story.

    Character: Locos Tacos
    Faction: Imperial
    Server: Star Forge

  68. Katerina Forli

    Honestly…I have no guess as to who the new character is…I just hope the story is fun to do.

    Name: K’aterina
    Faction: Imp
    Server: Star Forge

  69. Walex

    Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway!!

    I agree with the other posters that the mysterious Twi’lek is either Malgus’s Daughter or an apprentice! The update is called LEGACY of the Sith, so it must be about who will inherit Malgus’ holdings, either by blood relation or by worthiness by succession!

    What is your favorite Aurebesh letter? Shen!

    Will you redecorate your Manaan stronghold to reflect the war there? Absolutely! Nothing makes vacation homes more affordable than suddenly being located in a new active conflict zone!

    Which returning character will we be able to romance in 7.0? I hope it’s Acina!

    Name: Waléx
    Faction: Imp
    Server: Star Forge

  70. Jay

    Hope we will get a new companion with a storyline or a recurring character as a companion (Ahri, perhaps?)

    Character: Bisarane
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Star Forge

  71. Anonymous

    My expectations are low for this update: I’m just hoping for more manaan decorations from the new area.

    Character: Chiana Nebari
    Faction: Empire
    Server: Darth Malgus