Welcome to the Home of the Lost Star Warriors

"At last! Beyond the movie! Beyond the galaxy!"

In 1977, those words atop the cover of issue 7 of the Marvel Comics Group's' Star Wars series announced the beginning of what became known as the Expanded Universe. Over the next nine years, Marvel produced scores of tales, which explored a galaxy only glimpsed in the movies. Even as these adventures pass into the stuff of Legends, there remain many thrilling and exciting stories worthy of the Star Wars name to be found under the Marvel banner.

This web page is a tribute to both Marvel's original Star Wars series and West End Games' Star Wars Roleplaying Game. On these pages you'll find RPG stats for some of the people, places and things featured in Marvel's series. In addition, I've included other goodies designed for my own Star Wars game and a brief introduction to a few of the characters who populate the campaign.

I've designed these pages to be a showcase for my artwork, and I hope you'll take a moment to check out the original illustrations that I created for each entry.

I would also like to extend a hearty "Yub! Nub!" to the contributors who have kindly written entries for these pages: Jeff Boivin, Kevin Dole, Gavin Downing and RB Harris.

The page was brought to life on December 5, 1996

and improbably celebrated its 20th birthday on December the 5th, 2016!

What's New: The entry I swore I would never write: Lahsbees and Huhks! Tee hee!



Official Star Wars RPG stats for characters and locations from the Marvel Series.

Click on the Lahsbee to learn where you can read about Lumiya, the Wheel and more! Both D6 and D20 references included.

Original Star Wars art from Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics and more!
Click on the Stenax visit my gallery of original art used in the production of the comics, books and games.

Hydra - A short Star Wars RPG adventure set in the prequel era on Kiro's homeworld of Iskalon. D6 and d20 versions available!
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader and looks best using version 5.0 or later.

the gang

The Homebrew Section

Guns, gadgets and gear inspired by my own Star Wars RPG campaign.

Blaster-B - A double barrel blaster pistol.

Implodron Gun - A exotic and powerful energy pistol.

Para-Sonar Pistol - An ultrasonic beam shootin' stun pistol.

SW-APE - A compact, but high-powered blaster rifle.

Dartalon's Combat Armor - Battle dress for the bounty hunter on the go!

Second Skin Armor - Simply put: bullet-proof long-johns.

Geeves the Droid - A droid who doesn't mind doing the dirty work.

Sidewinder Motorcycle - A motorcycle inspired by Kaneda's ride from Akira.

Zephyr Speeder Bike - A stylish and nimble air scooter.

Stats and deck plans for five light freighters.

Meet the Gang - An illustrated introduction to some of the characters from my own SW-RPG campaign.


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The Fine Print

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The Star Wars Roleplaying Game used to be published by West End Games and for a time was in the care of Wizards of the Coast. Star Wars roleplaying has a new home at Fantasy Flight Games.

Unless noted, everything else is ©1996-2016 Mark F. Hudson. The text of these pages maybe used and distributed freely.

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Dedicated to the gangs from Traveller and Star Wars whose characters and friendship provide no end of inspiration. Special thanks to Kenji Kono and Abel Peña for the nitpicking.