Jedidiah - The Last Jedi

"Master Skywalker, what is the most important thing you need to know to be a Jedi Knight?"

Luke Skywalker eased into the shade to find relief from the brutal Tatooine midday. He sat down on a bench slowly and carefully before answering the girl's question. He scratched his beard, took a sip of water from her canteen and handed it back to her. He picked up a small rock and rolled it over in his hand.

"That's a good question, Zab. The answer is something I've had to learn over and over through the years. My teacher once told me that we are luminous beings." Luke held up the rock for emphasis, "More than just this crude matter." He skipped the stone across the dusty yard. "Appearances can be deceiving."

Zab laughed, "Surely not to a Jedi!"

Luke smiled. "Especially to a Jedi. A long time ago, when I was not too much older than you, Princess Leia and I had been sent to rescue the deposed prince of the planet Velmor. We found him in hiding on a small planetoid but he was not alone. He had a protector, an alien named Jedidiah, of all things. Jedidiah, who once had aspired to be a Jedi, had rescued the prince from his homeworld, but in the frantic escape his skull was crushed by falling debris. His mind was destroyed and what little remained fled into a deranged fantasy world. When I met him, he was shambling and mumbling. He wore the tattered robes of the Jedi and carried a gnarled staff as if it were a lightsaber."

"It sounds horrible," Zab said.

"I couldn't see that at the time. I was furious. This... thing was a sad mockery of everything I hoped to be, of everything I thought a Jedi was supposed to be. I put the droids in charge of Jedidiah to keep him out of trouble and away from me.

"Soon after, we returned the prince to Velmor, much to the surprise of the regent and the Imperial captain who had toppled the prince in the first place. While we were attempting to sort out their plot, we went on a royal hunt away from the palace. It was there that the Imperials made their move and attacked. Leia and the prince were stunned. I escaped into the woods, only be followed by the regent and the captain."

Zab frowned, "Just two of them? That doesn't sound like too much trouble."

"I was quite reckless in those days with scarce training to match my bravado. But I did try to put my training to work, and used the Force to clear my mind and locate the enemies in the forest. I found and defeated the regent easily. As for the Imperial captain, she snuck up on me and was about to shoot when Jedidiah intervened. When I had reached out with the Force, it had somehow touched Jedidiah and granted him a moment of clarity. He raced up on a mount, leapt upon the captain and took the blaster shot intended for me.

"He died to save my life. I thought that he was just a crazy old man, but I realized too late that his was the soul of a true Jedi Knight... the last Jedi."

Zab shook her head. "I don't understand, the last Jedi?"

"In a way, Jedidiah was the last of the old order of the Jedi. And I knew that if I were to be the first of the new Jedi then that day I made a very poor start of it."


• Jedidiah

Type: Fallen Jedi

Height: 2.1 meters

Species: Alien

Sex: Male

Melee Combat 6D Search 4D+1
Melee Parry 6D Sneak 5D+1
Survival 5D+1 Climbing/Jumping 5D
Stamina 6D
Beast Riding 5D

Special Abilities:

Force Skills: Control 3D, Sense 2D.

Force Powers: none.

Story Factors:

Mental Disability: Years ago Jedidiah suffered severe brain damage from a crushing blow to his skull. Most of his Knowledge and Perception skills were lost, and his intellect was reduced to less than child-like levels. Everything Jedidiah experiences is filtered through his simplistic fantasy world in which he is a great Jedi Knight. However, if another Jedi uses the Force to contact or even merely sense Jedidiah, it can be enough to help him see through the fog. If he makes a Difficult Control check, he may for a brief time become more aware of the situation around him.

This character is Force Sensitive.

Force Points: 2

Move: 8

Equipment: Robes, wooden staff.

Description: Jedidiah is an alien student of the Force. He is tall and his gaunt features are insectoid. He wears the tattered robes of a Jedi Knight and carries a worn staff as if it were a lightsaber.

A Quote: "Now Jedi is with friends... but when Jedi is surrounded by evil, he strikes!"


Jedidiah was created by Mike W. Barr and Walt Simonson.