Dartalon's Battle Armor

These days it takes more than just a flashy suit of armor to make a name in the bounty hunting community, it takes style. Inspired by his favorite holocomic, "The Mighty Punitors" and determined to be more than just another bucket-head with a gun, the young bounty hunter, Dartalon hired the aged and mysterious tinkerer known only as Max to come up with something special. He was not disappointed.

Dartalon's armor is lightweight and flexible, but provides the protection standard in more bulky battle suits. It includes a removable jetpack and a fearsome and vaguely insectoid helmet crammed with the latest in state of the art combat displays and sensor packages. The armor's sleek green and pink paint job is protected by a scuff and paint resistant finish which is sure to keep Dartalon's signature style intact for years to come.

This battle suit's most distinctive feature is the deadly array of weaponry that can be brought to bear on the object of Dartalon's wrath. First, there's the perfect surprise for close quarter combat: a low powered but still lethal blaster mounted on the helmet's forehead; next there's the gauntlet's repulsor beam which is appropriate for general use; and finally when a situation calls for real mayhem, Dartalon has a specially modified Kirbytech Disruptor Cannon mounted on his shoulder. Activating or switching between any of these weapons systems requires the suit's wearer to loudly declare a voice activation code. The complex and unique design of the suit's armament and powers systems means that any attempt to change the configuration or activation commands without scuttling the suit requires a Heroic Armor Repair roll.


• Dartalon's Battle Armor

Model: Custom made assault armor

Type: Modified personal battle armor

Cost: Not for sale

Availability: Unique

Game Effects:

Basic Suit: Provides +2D to Strength for physical attacks, +1D for energy attacks. Covers head, torso and arms. No Dexterity penalties.

Jet Pack: 100 meters move horizontally; 70 meters, vertically. 10 Charges.

Infra-Red scanner: +1D search.

Sealed Enviro Filter: 1 hour Oxygen supply.

Weapons and activation codes (use Armor Weapons skill):

Blaster - "Feel the power of the Uni-Beam!": Mounted on helmet; 3D Damage, range: 3-4/8/12

Repulsor - "Repuls-o-Ray! Go!" : Mounted on wrist; 4D Damage, range: 10/30/120

Disruptor Cannon - "Beware the Mega-Blaster!" : Mounted on shoulder; 5D Damage, range: 3-25/50/250