Model: Stysor & Westin Advanced Particle Emitter Blaster Rifle

Type: Blaster Rifle

Scale: Character

Skill: Blaster: Blaster Rifle

Ammo: 100

Cost: not for sale (original list price: 2500)

Availability: 3, R or X

Range: 3-50/150/400

Damage: 5D+2

Game Notes: Aside from the rarely seen prototypes, the SW-APE is more accurately a modified blaster rifle. Although the rifle's exterior housing may appear much the same, the SW-APE's interior is a different story, having been almost completely rebuilt to house the modifications. Therefore no two APEs are exactly the same, each individualized by the parts used in construction and the skill and artistry of the gunsmith doing the work. The process is delicate and the cost for parts runs around 3000 credits (including the rifle shell); the gunsmith's time tends to cost at least as much if not more. The construction requires two successful TEC skill rolls: the first is a Difficult Blaster Repair roll for the physical modifications and the second is a Very Difficult Computer Programming/Repair roll for the microprocessor that controls the prismatic crystal housing.