"What ho, little brother!"

<Um, hello.>

"Holy Hutch! Solo was right. I can hear your voice in my head but not in my ears! It's not often that happens! Telepathic bunnies! Who'd've thunk it?"

<Pardon, sir, but I am most certainly not a bunny. I am Plif, spokesmind for the Hoojibs.>

"Nicetameetcha, sport. I'm Jaxxon, lepus carnivorous, meanest son of a bun ever to ply the spaceways."

<The pleasure is mine. Welcome to my homeworld of Arbra.>

"Nice little planet you've got here. These mile high trees are pretty darn impressive."

<Try looking at them from my perspective.>

"Har! Har! That's hard to imagine all right!"

<What brings you to Arbra?>

"Me and my pal, Amaiza are smugglers. We dropped off some medical supplies here at the Rebel base and are enjoying a bit of shore leave. In fact, my ship is recharging off some crystals in a cave somewhere."

<Ah, yes, the crystals. Within the cavern where our Hoojib den can found, there is a massive (even for you) crystal formation ,which draws geothermal energy from the planet's core and converts that energy into electricity and harmless lightning. It is a place of great beauty. It makes me hungry just thinking about it.>


<Of course. Rather than metabolize energy from food, we Hoojibs are able to absorb it directly. By simply gnawing on the crystals, we are able to consume all the nourishment we need. In fact there is such an abundance of energy that we have invited your Rebel friends to construct a base nearby and share the power.>

"That was mighty friendly of you."

<Thank you. I must confess I'm also sympathetic to their cause. This Empire they're fighting sounds quite unpleasant.>

"Plif, you don't know the half of it! Say, if you don't mind me askin', what's that tendril thing growin' out of your head?"

<Captain Solo calls it an alfalfa.>

"Har! What's it do?"

<I do not know. One of the Rebels' scientists supposes that it helps us direct our telepathic communication. Who am I to argue? It is what it is. I've had the hardest time understanding why you aliens must explicate and explain away everything you encounter. We Hoojibs have no science or technology, yet you creatures seem to think that intelligence requires technology. It would seem to me that the opposite case is the more accurate.>

"Well, speakin' only for myself, I've always wondered what was out there in the galaxy. You know, adventure, excitement, all that stuff. I wanna see and do all I can before it's my time to push off."

<Perhaps there is merit in what you say. Commander Skywalker has invited me to accompany him on his journeys, and I do hope to join him.>

"Well, then, Plif, ole bean, keep your eyes peeled and your ears a twitchin' 'cause you'll be in for the time of your life!"


• Hoojibs

Attribute Dice: 12D

Dexterity 2D/5D

Knowledge 2D/4D

Mechanical 1D/3D

Perception 3D/6D

Strength 1D/2D

Technical +1/1D

Special Abilities:

Force Sensitive: All Hoojibs are Force Sensitive and begin with 1D in Sense and Control (both dice come out of their base attribute dice). In addition, Hoojibs have telepathic skills that they use to communicate among themselves and with others. All Hoojibs have these Force Powers: Receptive Telepathy and Projective Telepathy. Whether they are able to teach non-Hoojibs these abilities or learn others themselves is up to the GM's discretion.

Story Factors:

Energy Eaters: Hoojibs consume energy directly rather than metabolize it from food. They are able to absorb energy from direct contact with storage devices including batteries and power packs.

Non-technological: Hoojibs are simple, arboreal creatures who have not developed any kind of technology since their needs have traditionally been provided by geothermal energy source found in Arbra's crystal caves. With their discovery by a Rebel Alliance survey team, some Hoojibs have ventured out to explore the galaxy.

Move: 4/6

Size: 15-30 cm in length


Plif and the Hoojibs were created by David Michelinie and Walt Simonson.