The Darker

Two Hoojibs, one adult and the other but a stripling enjoyed the warmth of a summer day beneath the looming trees of the forest world Arbra. Plif rolled over and sunned his belly while the other jumped around playfully.

<Now, Waf, don't wander too far. Even near the crystal den, there are dangers for the careless Hoojib,> Plif telepathically warned the youngster.

<You're pulling my tendril, Plif! The den is our home! We're safe here, aren't we?>

<Perhaps now, but not always. There are others who have called Arbra home.>

<You mean the Rebels?> Waf asked. <I like them! They're fun!>

<No, not just the Rebels. Long before we Hoojibs hopped the earth, another race lived on Arbra. They foolishly believed that technology would solve their problems, and perhaps it did, but it created a very serious problem for us!>

Waf bristled at the word "technology." <Gosh, what happened, Plif?>

<Eons ago, a highly advanced civilization ruled our world. They sought to rid themselves of their baser emotions: anger, hatred and fear. With their black science they succeeded and drained the dark energy from themselves. They could not bring themselves to destroy this dark energy, for it was part of themselves. Instead they chose to leave it behind, trapped on Arbra.>

<Eep!> thought Waf.

<Indeed,> Plif replied. <In an abandoned city deep beneath the crystal cavern, this energy patiently waited, imprisoned behind a force screen. Until one day it attracted the attention of the mischievous droid, Artoo-Detoo, who wandered into the clutches of evil. To rescue the lost droid, a contingent of Hoojibs, See-Threepio and the mighty Chewbacca ventured into an area from which we had long sensed danger. There are precious few things worth facing ancient evil for, but friendship, my fellow, is one of them.>

<Yay, Plif!>

<Behind the energy screen, amid the ruins of the dead city, we encountered the Darker, a creature formed of concentrated evil and whose words dripped like blood. It had captured Artoo-Detoo and hoped to use the droid's component parts to free itself from imprisonment. We could not allow this, of course, but when we resisted the creature, it was able to instill negative emotions within us. The Darker paralyzed us with fear, and it turned Chewbacca's loyalty to his companions into hatred.>

<Oh no!>

<Fear not, young Waf. Chewbacca's spirit is strong and with the proper prompting, he managed to overcome his rage and attack the foul creature. Still, the Darker would not give up and attempted to chill the Wookiee's heart with fear. It would have worked too, had we Hoojibs not leapt upon the Darker and shattered his concentration. Chewbacca seized the creature and hurled it into the force screen. As we fled, the screen imploded and destroyed the city with it. And the Darker too seems to have perished.>

<Ulp! Seems?>

<You never know, little one. You never know.>


• The Darker

Type: Ancient Evil

Height: 1.6 meters

Species: unique

Sex: Indeterminate

Command 6D
Search 6D
Sneak 6D
Intimidation 8D
Survival 8D
Willpower 8D
Technology 6D
Computer Programming/Repair 6D
Droid Repair 6D
Security 6D

Special Abilities:

Force Skills: Control 10D, Sense 9D, Alter 11D

Force Powers: Control Pain, Force of Will, Remain Conscious, Accelerate Healing, Detoxify Poison, Receptive Telepathy, Life Detection, Projective Telepathy, Telekinesis, Affect Mind.

Regeneration: The Darker may not be killed by conventional means. It automatically regenerates one wound level a round.

This creature is Force Senstive.

Force Points: 6

Dark Side Points: All of them.

Move: 8 (Telekinetic flight)

Equipment: Nothing.

Description: The Darker is formed of pure evil. Its skin is withered and sickly green, and its limbs are boney and atrophied. Its only clothing is a tattered crimson cloak.

A Quote: "I am called the Darker. This is my domain. And I alone choose what transpires within it."


The Darker was created by David Michelinie, Ron Frenz and Tom Palmer.