From the Apocrypha of Voren Na'al

I was on Saijo conducting an interview with some of the Nagai, and the subject came upon their mortal enemies, a strange race named Tofs. Here's the information I gathered from other sources, like Alliance command and some Nagai warriors:

The Tofs come from a planet of the same name, from the same galaxy as the Nagai. They are green-skinned, stocky humanoids which I understand comes from the fact that the gravity on their homeworld is heavier than standard. They are a merry bunch of sadists, and they like clubs and sabers over blasters. They speak Basic with a funny accent, though I wouldn't recommend letting them know how funny it is. The sight of their strange command ship Merriweather and its starfighters only hints at what technology they developed. I use the word "strange" a lot, but if you don't think that's justified here's what I got from Knife himself:

Knife: Our old enemy, as we call the Tofs, is a strange species. The Tofs are very curious, and at the same time prejudiced about other races. They feel they are the superior race. They like to hunt sentient beings for sport, and then "study" and "interrogate" them in the worst possible ways. And they revel in their bloodthirsty ways. I heard that they laugh all the way through live dissections! They found Nagai to be quite a challenge, though. Actually, they followed us from our home galaxy.

Na'al: What do you know about their social structure and habits?

K: Not much. We prefer to run or fight than discuss philosophy with them. But we were able to interrogate one of them once, and we gathered that they are ruled by a hereditary monarchy, and that monarch would also be appointed military leader so he can learn to be responsible for his subjects.

N: You thought you had escaped them for a while when you first came here?

K: Yes, but not for long. We knew that they would soon find us. We first knew they were here when a Nagai squadron in twelfth sector failed to report back from an expedition in the Trenwyth system. They vastly outnumbered the squadron, and only one Nagai, a wing leader, survived to report to Lt. Den Siva. That incident became known as the Battle of Trenwyth--

N: When you found that we could help and joined forces with the Alliance to fight them back during the invasion of Zeltros.

K: Thanks to your Alliance of Free Planets, we were able to capture their leader, the pampered Crown Prince of Tof, "Supreme Commander" Sereno and his second-in-command Bargthron. We will bring them back to our homeworld where they will pay for the atrocities they've done to our, and other, species. The Maccabree engineers will be most intrigued by the Merriweather...

N: Sereno must have an heir, your fight is not over.

K: I imagine we'll find out. But given his young age, I don't believe he has an heir. And siblings are not entitled to the Crown. I'm sure this signals the end of their decadent society.

N: I'm almost afraid to ask this but, isn't your race a world-conquering race too? Although you are not anything close to your enemies, I heard about what you've done on Iskalon.

K: Unfortunately, some of our leaders became overconfident in their brief respite from being chased by the Tofs. We will compensate the Iskalonians before we head back to our homeworld. And you can be sure, now that their menace is over, that you won't hear from the Tofs, or us, ever again.

N: Thanks, and have a safe trip.


• Tofs

Attribute Dice: 12D

Dexterity 3D/4D+2

Knowledge 2D/4D

Mechanical 1D+2/3D

Perception 2D+2/4D

Strength 3D/5D

Technical 2D/3D+2

Appearance: The Tofs are heavy-set, green-skinned humanoids who like to sport beards and flashy clothes and hats.

Special Abilities:

Standard Gravity: The Tofs are from a heavy-gravity world, and when on standard gravity planets they receive a bonus of 1D to their STR (except for rolling damage), and a penalty of -1D to their DEX. When on light gravity worlds, the bonus and penalty can be doubled. (for more info on the effects of gravity, see pages 20-21 of The Star Wars Planets Collection.)

Story Factors:

Sadists: The Tofs enjoy the suffering of others. They are masters in all manners of torture, and they usually use that for no other reason than the enjoyment of it.

Clubs: The preferred weapon of the Tofs is the club. All Tofs must spend at least 1D in Melee Combat and Melee Parry on character creation, with the option of specializing in clubs.

Move: 10/12

Size: 1.6 to 2.1 meters tall


The Tofs were created by Jo Duffy and Cynthia Martin.