The Nagai

Den Siva looked at the flower in his hand and wondered how something so beautiful and delicate could survive on so desolate and harsh a world as Kinooine. A flower such as this would not survive on his homeworld of Nagi. But things were different here in this galaxy. These new worlds seemed to hold many hidden strengths. Dani the Zeltron fascinated him like none he had encountered across two galaxies. During her interrogation, she did not weaken but became stronger and resisted him more than he thought was possible. And the boy from Iskalon, he had also fought Den with great spirit even until the end. And then Den had to rescue Lady Lumiya from the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker; Den would not have believed that anyone could have denied her revenge.

Still, the Nagai would do what they must to survive. Kinooine was the first step; from there they would expand into this galaxy and use its resources to destroy the enemy who had plagued the Nagai for so long.

Den Siva closed his hand around the flower and crushed it. The Nagai must survive even if it meant destroying the beauty of this galaxy. He could see no other way.


• The Nagai

Attribute Dice: 12D

Dexterity 3D/5D

Knowledge 2D/4D

Mechanical 2D/4D

Perception 2D/4D

Strength 1D+2/3D+2

Technical 1D+1/3D+1

Appearance: Nagai are near humans who are slightly taller and thinner than standard humans. Their skin is grayish white, and their hair black. Many Nagai wear their hair in a variety of elaborate modes including the use of braids and mohawks.

Story Factors:

Brutal: The Nagai conflict with their Old Enemy has hardened them to the point that they will use whatever means necessary to defeat their foe, even it means slavery and torture. They remain intensely loyal to their own however, and even willingly welcome half-breeds into their society.

Blades: Bladed weapons are the traditional sidearm of the Nagai. All Nagai must spend at least 1D in both Melee Combat and Melee Parry during character creation.

The Enemy: The Nagai have been fighting and losing a war with an enemy from their own galaxy. The Nagai have appeared in Imperial space raiding for resources and fleeing this enemy, the alien race known as the Tofs.

Move: 10/12

Size: 1.5 - 2.1 meters tall


The Nagai were created by Jo Duffy.