Thrusty and Connin

Beowulf "Thrusty" Thrustspeare

Template: Outlaw

Thrusty had it all: a wife, a family, and a promising career as a marine biologist. Then the Empire took it all away. Now with single-minded zeal he's going to make the Empire suffer. Having spent some time in therapy, Thrusty is now on walkabout, in search of a new life.

A Quote: "Ever eaten lobster? Well, shooting Stormtroopers is almost as good."

Fun Fact: Thrusty leaves a lobster claw as a calling card at the scene of his crimes.

After the credits roll: As the Rebellion gave way to the New Republic, Thrusty hung up his blasters and took a position at the Calamari Oceanic Institute where he soon became the popular dean of the xeno-biology department. In truth, he remained restless, unable to gather the threads of his old, lost life and still uncomfortable with his renown as a famous "Hero of the Rebellion."

From time to time, Ket and Miria would show up and drag him off on one-last adventure, and even though he vainly protested, it was on those madcap jaunts that he was still able to find a measure of peace.

Thrusty was played by G-Man.


Kirby Connin

Template: Brash Pilot

One of the brightest young pilots in the Rebellion, Connin was the first female member of the elite Red Squadron and flew with distinction at the Battle of Endor. Not exactly what you'd call a "people-person," Connin is nonetheless passionately dedicated the Rebellion's cause. Woe to anyone who gets in her way.

A Quote: "Relax. I never fly faster than I can see."

Fun Fact: Connin is a descendant of notorious Old Republic space pirate Quinn Galandro.

After the credits roll: After the Rebellion ended, Connin returned to home where she became the most feared and highly rated flight instructor at Corellia’s star fleet academy. During breaks from school, she found a new passion for competitive yacht racing. Her team won the prestigious Spira Regatta four times in the course of a single decade.

Connin is absolutely not the GM's pet.

Thrusty and Connin

Ket and Miria

Ket Mestle

Template: Adventurous Rogue

A street punk with a talent for getting into trouble, Ket joined the Rebellion on a whim. Irreverent, uncouth, and irresponsible, she quickly (and inadvertently) gained a reputation for blowing up every planet she visited. Two long years later, Ket is party leader and a Jedi training with Luke Skywalker. Her new responsibilities haven't changed her much: Ket still plans to beat the crap out of Tomar Gulch someday, but in the meantime she hopes to bring the Force to the masses and get Miria to use the stun setting on her blaster more often. While not saving the galaxy, Ket likes to steal stuff, cuss, and bowl for the Rebellion team.

A Quote: "Don't worry, the Force is just a lockpick for the mind."

Fun Fact: Ket has her very own teen-sidekick. No, it's not Doyle.

After the credits roll: After helping defeat the Empire and several other galaxy threatening menaces, Ket found herself something of a folk hero to a generation of disaffected Jedi, full contact grav-bowling teams, troublemakers and extreme bakers.

She later went on to ghost write Thrusty's autobiography since his first draft lacked "sizzle." Several blatantly apocryphal stories from that book found their way into the official history of the Rebellion and led to multiple outstanding arrest warrants for Thrusty. Since his memoirs turned out to be an intergalactic best seller and the holo-vid rights earned Thrusty a small fortune, he couldn't complain.

After Ket's padawan, Lina, became a full-fledged Jedi, Ket passed on her lightsaber and fashionable cloak to her sidekick, and retired to a mostly quiet life on the planet Kabray. There, Ket purchased a small, but stylish cabaret. Ket could never fully shake her reputation for destroying every place she visited, and indeed this distinction only grew after the infamous and poorly documented "karaoke night incident" in which several city blocks surrounding but not including Ket's nightclub were leveled.

Ket was played by Susan.


Miria Casteel

Template: Bounty Hunter

Miria has VIP status at the Intergalactic Victoria's Secret catalog company. It might be said that she spends more time scouring the shops for the latest fashions than she does chasing down bounties, but no one ever says so for fear of having their lips shot off. Miria has mixed feelings about hanging around the Rebellion. The pay may be lousy, but it's done wonders for her reputation as a "big gun with style". Are you looking for someone who can turn a squadron of Stormtroopers into Ewok chow and still look good in an evening dress? That's Miria.

A Quote: "I'm sure I missed my calling as an interior decorator."

Fun Fact: Miria is a gourmet cook and likes to experiment with recipes involving illegal narcotics.

After the credits roll: Miria took her earnings and started her own business called "Bums of Casteel", a combination mercenary and finishing school for women. She switched from hunting bounties to searching for the raw talent that she could train to make her "bums" the most sought-after guns-for-hire, demolition experts, hackers, crack pilots, and mechanics in the galaxy, all with great fashion sense, thorough knowledge of intergalactic etiquette and the ability to cook a perfect omelet.

She eventually retired, leaving the business in the hands of trusted colleagues and friends. Miria then spent her time traveling in her customized ship, the Intergalactic Speculum II (with Geeves, to keep things civilized), occasionally making appearances on the social scene and still mentoring several of her top students.

Miria was played by Cara.

Ket and Miria

Charlie and Doyle

Charlie the Droid

Template: Protocol Droid

The lovable, blue-collar protocol droid. Charlie's mechanical skills far surpass his diplomatic abilities yet he never misses an opportunity to voice his alternative and frequently useless opinion. Captain of the Rebellion Bowling Team (because he wanted the shirt with his name embroidered on the back) destroyer of rental vehicles and sometimes vampyre impersonator, Charlie is one of the most shunned droids in the service. Fortunately, one brave band of heroes tolerates his idiosyncrasies due to their frequent need for fast getaways.

A Quote: "Yeah, da bifurcated invertabrator shorted out the thuriowhizmogadget which of course, started the wings crevulating. So I just reversed the polarity on the quantum sprockets and everything was hunky dory."

Fun Fact: Charlie has a built in sound track, always thematically appropriate and usually irritating.

After the credits roll: After his stint as Chucky the Singing Joy-Bot came to a sudden end (the children’s party/laser cannon episode is examined in detail in the book Scarred for Life – the Effects of Early Childhood Trauma on Future Development), Charlie used his nest egg to buy the repair shop wherein he was built. Though not above a simple oil change, Charlie excels at racing stripes, ego packages and top to bottom overhauls (which always involve an upgrade in horsepower). On the weekends, Charlie indulges his semi-pro passion for Pod-racing. Though the number of tracks that still allow him to race are dwindling due to the spectacular damage inflicted on tracks and other racers, Charlie still brings home first place trophies to display in his shop and has a devoted cult following.

Charlie was played by Jean Zipper.


Cpl. Tiree Doyle

Template: Space Marine

Doyle begged, wheedled, conned, connived and brown-nosed to get the plum Cloud City assignment. Little did he know that he'd be attached to a Rebel cell with a well-earned reputation for mayhem and chaos. Miraculously, not only has Doyle survived, he's thrived, and no one is more surprised than he at how heroic he can occasionally be. His crush on Ket is, as yet, unrequited.

A Quote: "It's you, Ket, you're the one."

Fun Fact: Doyle hates to be called a redshirt.

After the credits roll: After serving several tours in the Alliance Space Marine Corps, Doyle eventually mustered out, met a nice girl, and bought a small home on a suburban level of Cloud City. He retired to a quiet, excitement-free life. None of his friends believe any of the stories he tells of his times in the Rebellion.

Doyle is just another hapless NPC.

Charlie and Doyle

Action Mon and Jezzail

The Action Mon

Template: Rastafarian Outlaw

The Action Mon is more than just a highly successful smuggler. His web of contacts throughout the criminal underworld has made him one of the best connected young turks in the galaxy. If you want to get things done, you go to the Action Mon.

A Quote: "If you're not ready when I am, you're late."

Fun Fact: Action Mon wants to use the Force, but he's not good enough for the Jedi or nasty enough for the Dark Side.

After the credits roll: Once all was said and done, the list of crimes the Action Mon ended up taking credit for, was wanted for and which were assumed to have been his doing was far greater than any one man could have reasonably committed. Some say this is another example of a legend becoming greater than the man. Others insist that the Action Mon was just that good.

Ultimately, the pursuit of one last big score consumed the outlaw's life. As the Action Mon caromed from one scheme to the next, he adopted and discarded so many identities that it became nearly impossible to track his movements. Neither Imperial nor New Republic law enforcement officials were able to bring the Action Mon to justice. His enemies are certain that he ended up destitute and ruined in the gutter of some lost shadowport; but others claim he discovered a talent for politics and was elected president of his homeworld, Zion. In this case, the truth is probably not somewhere in between.

Action Mon was played by the man called igleu.


Jezzail Bryant

Template: Mandalorian Bounty Hunter

Jezzail Bryant is a woman with a past. It taught her everything she needed to know to survive. Now she has to learn to let it go.

A Quote: "No, you don't want to do that."

Fun Fact: Jezzail once went a year without killing anyone. Almost.

After the credits roll: Jezzail died to make safe the liberation of Mandalore from Imperial domination. If was the first and last truly selfless act of her life.

Jezzail was played by the mysterious Pipecutter.

Action Mon and Jezzail

Tuttle and Nash

Jerome W. Tuttle

Template: Generic Hero

Jerry Tuttle is the much put upon Cloud City Alliance station chief who has the unenviable task of keeping track of Ket Mestle and her unruly band of misfits. He has found that his training as a former member of the Imperial Special Intelligence Service and subsequent Jedi instruction under Luke Skywalker has ill prepared him for the task.

A Quote: "Next time I save Cloud City, remind me to bring a caddy."

Fun Fact: Tuttle was the first person to realize that the Dark Lady Lumiya was Shira Brie. He probably should've warned someone.

After the credits roll: Shortly after the Truce of Saijo, Tuttle disappeared. He was never seen again. Almost no one knows where he went.


Robin Nash

Template: Affable Scout

When the Empire spoiled Robin Nash's perfectly happy life as a wandering scout, she joined the Rebellion and took up the business of smacking evil. She finds it rather amusing that she's the sensible one in the group.

A Quote: "I'm going to deviate from the plan because I care about you."

Fun Fact: Robin enjoys coloring her hair and tossing Dark Jedis around like sacks of dirty laundry.

After the credits roll: Once everything calmed down, Robin pulled her scout ship Sword of the Hunter out of mothballs and eagerly returned to exploring the edges of wild space and beyond. She led the mission that found a new homeworld for the Nagai, and later discovered the lost planet of hyper-intelligent cats from which she was only able to escape thanks to an old ball of string and a nearly forgotten stash of catnip. A few years later, she was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to give up her wanderlust after the birth of her daughter, Kaley.

The Generic Hero and Robin Nash

Fletch and Tomar

Fletcher Pratt

Template: Space Rescue Corps Officer

A former member of the Imperial Space Rescue Corps, Fletcher Pratt defected to the Rebel Alliance when it became clear that the Empire cares little for innocent lives. His serious work ethic and dedication to saving lives have put him at odds with the rest the party. He'll come around.

A Quote: "Almost? There's an old saying in the Space Rescue Corps: 'Almost' gets you killed."

Fun Fact: In another life, Fletcher was a Tokyo Police motorcycle cop.

After the credits roll: After the Rebellion ended, Fletch resumed his duties as officer of the Space Rescue Corps. On the plant Bokuto, where he finally retired, he was known as the "White Thranta" for his skills as a pilot and quick wits in a pinch. However, the girls in the motor pool called him "Fletchy-poo."

Fletcher was played by Kenji.


Tomar Gulch

Template: Outlaw

When it comes right down to it, Tomar Gulch is really not a very nice guy. He's rude, crude and lecherous. Should he ever need to crash at your pad, lock your liquor cabinet and refrigerator. Tomar, however, is quite popular with bounty hunters; he might be the most wanted man in universe on account of his assumed responsibility for the destruction of the infamous shadowport, Freebase. He's hoping to ride all the attention to fame and fortune.

A Quote: "Quick! Ket, give me the bat!"

Fun Fact: Ket and Miria once rescued Tomar from Boba Fett. Suckers!

After the credits roll: Tomar's life-long goal to achieve holonot fame while remaining not important enough to kill was an inevitable and disastrous failure. Honestly, that he managed to survive so long on Ket and Miria's bad side is something of a miracle and more a testament to Thrusty's good influence than any guile on Tomar's part. After his unlamented demise, rumors began to circulate around the shadowports that Tomar had hidden somewhere a vast store of treasure and contraband. These rumors are probably false.

No one man is big enough to play Tomar Gulch!

Fletch and Tomar