From the Apocrypha of Voren Na'al

I arrived on the planet Saijo too late. The skirmish was over. Surprisingly, the Nagai and the Alliance of Free Planets had been on the same side. I was going around trying to squeeze the most information out of the Nagai as I could before they went back to their own part of the galaxy. I caught up with Knife and his half-brother Bey. The interview was conducted under the watchful eye of Den Siva, who inserted the occasional comment.

Na'al: General Solo told me you had some warriors, what was their name? Ah, the Maccabrees. He says you had used them also on attack against Rebel command on Endor. What can you tell me about them?

Knife: We may be good with blades, but when it comes to frontal assault and destruction, nothing beats the Maccabree Warriors. We didn't use them, we "allied" ourselves with them. They are considered equals.

Na'al: Solo also told me, and I quote: "When one of them grappled me, I blew its head off, but it still came on! The big uglies are so dumb, they don't even have a brain in their heads!" What did he mean by that?

Knife: The Maccabrees are not dumb. On the contrary, they are a very intelligent race. They helped our people in designing most of our newer warship and starfighter models. They also designed themselves cybernetic limb attachments, which are used to enhance their strength and senses. For instance, a "head" like the one General Solo blew off gives them a range of vision, as it can turn 360 degrees, and the "eyes" can be focused.

Na'al: But why do they need those attachments?

Knife: Well. You see, their natural bodies are virtually limbless. They are basically just a big head with a tail and atrophied arms. They are amphibians, and they look much like your tadpoles. They had no idea what a "humanoid" body was until we came in contact with them. Being a very curious and progressive race, that gave them the idea to build themselves a "body", with separate replaceable "limbs".

Na'al: And how could they build those bodies, or even design starships, if they don't have limbs themselves?

Siva: Simple: they talked us through it.

Knife: They are very fast learners and quickly learned about Nagai technology. And they understood it even better than Nagai did!

Siva: In a manner of speaking.

Knife: It wasn't long before they developed their own technology.

Na'al: But why do you need them? Why don't you design enhanced robotic bodies for yourselves?

Bey: Only their special metabolism can endure the pain caused by having electronic wires connected directly to the brain and nervous center.

Siva: Besides, someone has to do the dirty work.

Na'al: How did you come upon them?

Knife: About 10 of your years ago, a Nagai scouting party scanned a planet rich in ore and metals that were badly needed to build more ships. They installed mining facilities on the planet, as well as some ship construction facilities, but most of the material was shipped off planet. The Nagai also found sentient life forms, but they were mostly curious and pretty much left the Nagai alone. One day, a Maccabree came forward, and started communicating with the workers. It was giving them instructions and making suggestions on how to improve our ship designs!

Bey: They had even learned the Nagai language.

Na'al: Who are those "warriors" then?

Siva: Well, like many other races, not every individual has the same philosophy. Some of them want to build, some of them want to destroy.

Na'al: Okay, now can you also tell me about your enemies, the Tofs?

[The 3 Nagai look at each other]

Bey: Just one minute. We'll be right back...


• Maccabrees

Home Planet: Maccabree

Attribute Dice: 9D

Dexterity 0D+1/1D

Knowledge 3D/4D+2

Mechanical 0D+1/1D

Perception 3D+1/5D

Strength 1D+1/3D

Technical 3D/5D

Special Abilities:

Dexterity Skills: When swimming and completely immerged in water-like liquids, Maccabrees get a bonus of 2D to their reaction skills.

Strength Skills: All Maccabrees start with 3D in swimming.

Atrophy: In their natural environment, Maccabrees cannot use any physically related Dexterity, Mechanical or Technical skills because of their atrophied limbs.

Combined Actions: With their high Perception, Maccabrees can use their Mechanical and Technical skills but only by combining their skill rolls with those of more dexterous beings. They can "walk them" through difficult tasks. Use the combined actions rules on p.82-83 of the Second Edition: Revised and Expanded rulebook.

Bio-Mechanical Attachments: Maccabrees have developed a technology that they use by attaching mechanical limbs to their bodies. The basin and legs attachment adds 8 to their Move on land. The arms attachments give them a bonus of 2D to Strength and combat-related skills. The head attachment adds 1D to their Perception. When completely encased in the body suit, they also get a bonus of 1D to their reaction skills, acting as armor, covering and encasing the Maccabree's entire body. It adds 2D to Strength against physical attacks, and 1D against energy attacks. The attachments are considered extensions of the body, so Maccabrees don't suffer any Dexterity penalties. In the event a Maccabree needs to make a quick exit, it may jettison its limb attachments and activate a repulsorslift booster which provides them with a move if 70; 200 kph. Several Maccabrees may link up in order to reach escape velocity.

Story Factors:

Nagai Debt: The Maccabrees would never have developed technology without the help of the Nagai race.

Move: 30/35 (swimming); 3/4 (land)

Size: 0.4-0.6 meters tall; 0.8-1.2 meters long


• Typical Maccabree Warrior

Blaster: 3D+2* Command: 4D+2*
Brawling Parry: 2D* Search: 5D*
Dodge: 2D*
Cultures: Nagai 4D Brawling:4D*
Bionic Limbs Repair: 5D+2
Starship Repair: 5D

* bonuses and penalties brought by bionic armor


The Maccabrees were created by Jo Duffy and Cynthia Martin