The Behemoth

One day after school on the barren world known as Aduba-3, two teenagers scuffled on an otherwise quiet street.

"Pay up, bantha-bait, or I'll crack your nose so hard you'll never smell right again!" Serji snarled.

The other boy struggled in vain to break free of the bully's grasp. "No way, you scuzzbuster! I'm sick and tired of your crap!" Oncho responded defiantly.

Serji howled with laughter. "You think you can stand up to me? I'm the biggest, nastiest thing this planet has ever seen and I'm never gonna let you or any one else forget that." Serji seized Oncho by the collar and balled his other hand into a meaty fist.

Serji was about to strike, when his arm was grabbed by an old man who pulled Serji off his son. "Mind your arrogance, boy, or it will be your undoing! Beneath the hills of this land, in a bed-chamber of stone, there slumbers a creature of ferocious might and towering strength! I glimpsed it once in my youth. Know that we are linked together as one!"

"Let go of me!" Serji scrambled away from the town's shaman. "You best cut out chewing on the luna-weed, it'll rot your brain, old man!"

"Your insolence means nothing to one such as the Behemoth, child! Our ancestors worshipped it, and it will protect us from all threats! Even those as small as yours."

"Yeah, whatever, gramps." Serji turned to the other boy. "This isn't over, chump, you'll be seeing me again. And often." Serji stalked off down the street. The shaman helped his son to his feet. "Are you unhurt, child?"

Oncho wiped blood off of his lip. "Yeah, I'm fine. Jeepers, Dad, can you lay off about the Behemoth? Everyone around here thinks you're weird enough, and it's starting to rub off on me."

"I speak only the truth, son. To deny the creature is to incur its wrath."

The shaman and his son began walking home. "Sure, Dad, anything you say," Oncho answered dully.


• The Behemoth

Type: Gargantuan Monster


Special Abilities:

Fin Blast: 5D

Bite: Does Strength +1D damage

Susceptible to the Force: The Behemoth may be summoned and somewhat controlled by those strong with the Force. Those wishing to control the Behemoth must roll Affect Mind versus the creature's Perception.

Vulnerable to Lightsabers: As the weapon of the Jedi, lightsabers are particularly harmful to the behemoth. Treat the Behemoth as character scale when determining damage from lightsabers.

Story Factor:

Dark Side Creature: The Behemoth is a creature of the Dark Side created by rage and fear. Those who seek to control the creature risk being destroyed by it.

Move: 20

Size: 20 meters

Scale: Walker



The Behemoth sprang full-grown from the minds of Roy Thomas and Howard Chaykin.