The Tarkin

The following datafile accompanied the technical readout of the Tarkin Battle Station stolen by Captain Maraba Tev of Alliance Intelligence.

Personal log; final entry.

I realize now that I'm a dead man. My wounds are bound, but I'm still bleeding internally. And I'm not sure my X-Wing has enough left in her to make it back to base. When I was a boy I used to build ships in a bottle. Now I'm trapped in a bottle with one last ship to build.

It's obvious if you think about it. If you can build one Death Star, why not build another? The Empire is nothing if not single minded. When the Rebellion destroyed the Death Star, the Emperor wasn't about to let the technology behind the planet-smashing superlaser go to waste, so above the planet Hockaleg in the Patriim System he undertook the Tarkin Project, a battle station built around a superlaser. Unlike its fearsome predecessor, the Tarkin does not seem to have any exploitable flaws or unshielded exhaust ports. Although the Tarkin is a quarter the size of the Death Star, it is no less dangerous, perhaps more so. Whereas the Death Star was a multi-purpose station with a wide variety of support crews, ordinance and equipment, the Tarkin is designed solely to power and protect its superlaser. It is the final word in the Tarkin Doctrine for which it was named, a device whose only purpose is the destruction of worlds.

Because of it's smaller design and narrow focus, the Tarkin requires a support fleet of Star Destroyers and other picket vessels to protect it, making a large scale frontal assault all but impossible. Furthermore, the shields on the Tarkin are the most powerful ever developed. Currently the Tarkin is commanded by General Arno Biel an experienced and independent product of the old school of Imperial command. Finally, to make matters worse, I've heard rumors that Lord Vader himself may arrive to oversee the final stages of construction.

It is my last, best hope that this information finds its way back to the Rebellion where I pray that the heroes who managed to destroy one Death Star will be able to destroy another.


The Tarkin

Craft: Custom Ionic Cannon Mobile Space Platform

Type: Deep space mobile battle station

Scale: Death Star

Length: 30 kilometers

Skill: Battle station piloting: Tarkin

Crew: 30,000, gunners: 10,000, skeleton 10,000/+15

Passengers: 100,000 (troops), 5,000 (stormtroopers), 10,000 (support staff)

Cargo Capacity: over two hundred thousand kilotons

Consumables: 1 year

Cost: yeah, right, like you could afford it

Hyperdrive Multiplier: x3

Hyperdrive Backup: x20

Nav Computer: Yes

Space: 2

Hull: 5D

Shields: 4D


Passive: 250/0D

Scan: 1000/1D

Search: 5000/2D+2

Focus: 40/4D



Fire Arc: Forward

Crew: 168, skeleton 48/+10

Scale: Death Star

Skill: Capital Ship Gunnery: superlaser

Body: 12D (capital scale)

Space Range: 1-20/40/100

Damage: 2D to 16D*

500 Turbolaser Batteries

Scale: Starfighter

Fire Control: 1D

Space Range: 1-5/10/15

Damage: 5D

500 Heavy Turbolasers

Scale: Starfighter

Fire Control: 1D

Space Range: 1-7/15/30

Damage: 7D

250 Laser Cannons

Scale: Capital

Fire Control: 1D

Space Range: 1-5/10/15

Damage: 7D

250 Ion Cannons

Scale: Capital

Fire Control: 1D

Space Range: 1-3/7/10

Damage: 4D

100 Tractor Beam Emplacements

Scale: Capital

Fire Control: 3D

Space Range: 1-5/10/25

Damage: 5D

* The Tarkin's power systems can generate 2D of damage per half hour, up to a maximum of 16D damage. However, the energy cells in the design can produce 32D per day without severely straining the energy reactors.


The Tarkin was created by David Michelinie and Walt Simonson.