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Speed Magnus and company

Speed Magnus and the Gang, circa 1990

(l-r: Venge, Fara, Speedy, Wayo, the Major, Taire Athin)


• Speed Magnus

Type: Gunfighter

Height: 1.8 meters

Species: Human - Corellian

Sex: Male

Blaster 11D Bargain 4D
Dodge 6D Command 4D+1
Melee Combat 5D+1 Fasttalk 5D
Speed 9D Gambling 5D
Vehicle Blasters 6D Search/Conceal 4D+2
Zero-G Maneuver 5D+1 Stealth 5D+1
Bureaucracy 4D Brawling 3D+1
Business 5D
Cultures 6D
Streetwise 3D+2
Survival 4D
Tactics 4D+2
Willpower 5D
MEC 2D+2 TEC 2D+1
Beast Riding 3D+2 Computer Programming 3D+1
Communications 3D First Aid 3D
Ground Vehicles 3D+2 Security 3D+1
Repulsorlifts Operation 3D+2 DSS Games 3D

Advantages: Presence 1, Active 6th Sense 3

Disadvantages: Ego Signature 2, Psychological Limitation (Chemo Guns) 2

Force Points: 3

Dark Side Points: Just enough to be cool

Move: 10

Equipment: Two Blaster-B's, Quickdraw Holsters, Second Skin, Cape, Plenty of Credits.

Description: Speedy is the picture of a dashing hero. He carries himself like someone who knows he's the best. He's usually surrounded by misfits and sociopaths.

A Quote: "Hi, I'm Speed Magnus. Heard of me?"


Speedy Magnus was played by igleu back when he was still just Randy.