The Moonshadow

The following description of Rik Duel’s CEC SE Courier was assembled from data-fragments of the lost first draft of Heywood’s Starship Recognition Guide

Wishing to capitalize on the success of its durable YT transport series, the Corellian Engineering Corporation designed the SE light cruiser to be a versatile companion and cheaper alternative to CEC's standard stock light freighter line. The SE-1001's basic design intentionally evokes the classic hammerhead look of the ubiquitous Corellian Corvette and shares many of its larger cousin's multi-purpose innovations. While the SE courier lacks the sheer toughness and cargo capacity of the YT, its large drive section and dual maneuvering thrusters give it enough power to out-fly most other starships in its class. Much like the salon pod of the famed Republic Cruiser, the SE's bridge is a removable module and may be detached for upgrade or replacement. Although this configuration is not recommended for standard use, the SE may be flown from engineering in the event the bridge module has been removed. Consider Maneuverability to be 0D in such cases.

The SE courier never approached the popularity of the YT, and Corellian Engineering discontinued the line after only a few decades of production. Never a company to waste a functional idea, CEC eventually adapted some of the SE's design into the GS class courier which drew inspiration from CEC's Republic Cruiser and gunboat class vessels.

Rik Duel's ship, Moonshadow began life as the Splendid IX, and, according to Imperial records, served in the diplomatic corps of Lord Tion of Ralltiir. Although Duel claims that the Splendid IX was awarded to him in exchange for some duty performed for Lord Tion prior to his death, official records on Ralltiir list the starship as stolen and note a 7500 credit bounty on Duel's head. Duel is a fair pilot at best, and he leaves care of the ship to his friend Chihdo. Although the Moonshadow remains close to its stock configuration, Chihdo has upgraded the shield generators and keeps the engines humming and clean.


• The Moonshadow

Craft: Modified Corellian Engineer Corporation SE-1001 Courier

Type: Modified Light Freighter

Scale: Starfighter

Length: 40 Meters

Skill: Space Transports: SE-1001

Crew: 2

Passengers: 8

Cargo: 75 metric tons

Consumables: 2 months

Hyperdrive Multiplier: x2

Hyperdrive Backup: x13

Nav Computer: But of course!

Maneuverability: 1D+2

Space: 5 / Speed: 2D+2

Atmosphere: 295; 850 kph

Hull: 3D+1

Shields: 2D


Passive: 15/1D

Scan: 30/2D

Search: 50/3D

Focus: 3/4D


Dual Laser Cannon

Fire Arc: Turret

Crew: 1

Skill: Starship Gunnery

Fire Control: 2D

Space Range: 1-3/12/25

Damage: 4D


The Moonshadow was created by Jo Duffy, Kerry Gammill, Ron Frenz and Tom Palmer.