Defeated by Lumiya on the planet Kinooine Luke Skywalker hastily constructed out of some blaster parts and a spare focusing crystal a shorter, second blade to wield along side his regular lightsaber in his rematch with the Dark Lady. Unlike a regular lightsaber, the blade on Luke's lightdagger is not adjustable, but because of its short length (about two feet), is somewhat easier to control on its own. It takes a skilled Jedi to wield a lightsaber and a lightdagger in tandem, but properly used the two blades can work together to provide a Jedi with a formidable defense.


• Lightdagger

Type: Melee Weapon

Scale: Character

Skill: Lightsaber

Cost: Unavailable for sale

Availability: 4, X

Difficulty: Moderate

Damage: 4D

Game Notes: If an attacking character misses the base difficulty number (not the opponents parry) by more than 10 points the character has injured himself with the lightdagger's blade. Apply normal damage to the character wielding the blade.

If a Jedi wishes to wield a lightsaber and a lightdagger simultaneously, modify the rules for the Lightsaber Combat Force power thusly:

Control Difficulty: Difficult

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

Effect: A character wielding two blades who successfully activates the Lightsaber Combat Power may attack and parry with no multiple action penalty, although other penalties still apply, including the penalty for keeping the power up. If a character makes no attack in a round and chooses only to parry, she receives a +1D bonus to her parry. The character also receives a +1D bonus to attempts to deflect blaster bolts. Otherwise the power is the same as described on page 148 of the Revised and Expanded Rulebook.

Example: Ana enters combat wielding a lightsaber and a lightdagger. She has Lightsaber 4D, Control 5D and Sense 4D+2. She activates the power and keeps it up (-1D penalty for two actions).

Ana's base lightsaber skill is 7D+2 (4D + 4D+2 - 1D). Because she is using two weapons and successfully activated the Power, Ana's attack AND parry count as only one action (-1D) so she both attacks and parries with 6D+2. If she hits, the damage total is 8D (5D [lightsaber] + 5D [Control] - 1D [Power up penalty] - 1D [the attack/parry action]). If Ana chooses only to parry, she rolls 7D+2, but may not attack that round.